Custom Nutrition Plan

My custom nutrition plans are designed in helping you achieve whatever goal you have set for your self.

I do both meal-by-meal nutrition plans & Macro count programs.

The program is designed based on info I obtain from you in a consultation form.

If you choose the "Meal by Meal" route, I will take out all the guesswork and tell you exactly what to eat.
Each food, the amount to use in ounces & grams.

If you choose the macro count,  I can supply a "document" that will supply you with foods I suggest but also include all their macro information.

In your consultation form, I will ask you if you choose the Meal by Meal program or Macro count.

The meals are easy prepped, and most meals can be consumed within a matter of minutes.

I have food prep tip videos as well as recipes if you subscribe to my app.

Package Details:

  • The program is $150 for either option ( macro count or meal by meal)
  • After 4 weeks/ a $30 per month fee is brought in. You get up to 4 updates during the month as you have the option for weekly or bi-weekly updates.

I am here to assist you so I have no limit on the number of emails or questions that you may have for me.
We can communicate through email or Whatsapp.

Powerlifter Nutrition Plan

I can help you cut weight for a meet, the same principles apply here as above in a general nutrition plan.

Show Prep:
Please go to the Competition Prep page for details.

Nutrition Plan Pricing:

The Fat Destruction Meal Plan is designed to fit your needs in order for you to obtain the leanest body you can desire!

The plan is based on your age, weight, height, and fitness goals.

I will tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how much.
You have no guess work; you have no macro counting. I take care of it all 

The meals are simply made, and most meals can be consumed within a matter of minutes.
I also give you food prep tips. 

You are purchasing one meal plan, but I will ask you for updates every 13-17 days, if you can show me progression, I will happily look at altering your meals with each update so that we can get you closer and closer to your goal and give you some variety in those meals.

I will be assessing a $30 fee every 4th week.

I will answer all emails for those who stay driven and dedicated, however, if you fall off, and do not report in as asked or at least inform me of what’s going on with things, then don’t expect me to assist you, if indeed the cause was lack of discipline.

There is no limit on the number of emails I will accept from you, if you are staying on point, driven and determined to make change happen.

Package Pricing: $150.00 to begin, and a $30.00 fee at the end of every 4th week. This will allow 2 updates with possible alterations at no extra change.

* The $150.00 is a onetime fee only.

$150.00 to begin, and a $30.00 which will be due every 4th week:

This fee is for me to alter your program as needed in order to keep you progressing.

* The $150.00 is a onetime fee only.

Powerlifter Meal Plan 

To begin, there is a $150.00 fee, after the 1st month, there is an additional $30 per month due to keep your updates going.