Welcome to our ” How To” video section where you can find “How to ” tips on things from cooking to training different bodyparts.
I will also be listing some videos of our personal workouts from past years up to current dates.

I thought it would be wise to add this section in to show people what kind of work us trainers do, how we do not just sit back and come up with ways to tell people to do this and that, we actually get out and do what we put those we train on. The old statement goes:  ” If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk” and we certainly do this as you can see.


Training Tip: How to Do a Good Morning & Lying Leg Curls:


How to Do Overhead Dumbbell Press & Military Press for Shoulders:


Food Prep Tips: Learn how to Prep to save time:


How To Squat: Barbell Squats, Hack Squats, Front Squats:

Targeting the Hamstrings & Glutes with this special foot placement:


How to use Resistance Bands During Training:


How to make an Egg/ Oatmeal Pancake:


Charlotte Quillen: 10 week Transformation:


Charlotte Quilllen & Steve Poynter : Charlotte 3 weeks out: