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” The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. So wake up, forget past mistakes, forget you ever failed, in fact , forget everything. Step up and release that Animal inside”





If you would like to view a few of our transformations before proceeding, you can see what Fitnesspoynters.com is all about through our video log of transformations.

As I begin to thank of the transformation that has taken place, I keep coming back to this one truth.  “There is a right way and there is a wrong way to accomplish your goals.”  Let me explain a little further, in January of 2012 I found myself weight in over 300 pounds.  To say I was overweight would have been a gross understatement, I was extremely obese.  At the age of 32 I was taking blood pressure medicine and had recently failed a sleep apnea test.  Something had to change and change immediately!


I began by cutting my calories and even though I knew at the time this was not the best way to lose weight I cut them by extreme amounts.  I also began to walk, that’s about all I could manage to do.  Over time I was able to increase my cardio but I continued to cut calories.  This allowed me to drop scale weight but I now know it also allowed me to lose precious amounts of muscle.

Around June of 2012 I began working out at Glenn Ford’s Fitness Center (Ford’s for short).  There I began to lift more weights and increased my intensity of cardio.  It is here my life and fitness journey would make a dramatic change.


It all began one day while I was on the Elliptical Machine finishing up with some cardio.  In walks this couple, immediately you knew they were different and they knew their stuff.  I remember looking at them and thinking, I would love to look and train as they do!  Over the next few weeks I would observe their training methods and noticed they wore these shirts that had www.fitnesspoynters.com on them, so I checked it out.


I first purchased a plan from Steve and did pretty well with the plan but didn’t follow it like I really should have and my results revealed this truth.  However, I worked hard in the gym and in time Steve and Char asked if I would like to join them in their training. I was pretty shocked and immediately knew I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.  As I began to train with them my strength increased, Steve knows how to get the most out you and he pushed you to your max.  However, I am a testimony to the fact that you cannot out work un-clean eating!


One day we were training, it was back-day and almost in passing he suggested I enter the www.bb.com 2014 Transformation Challenge.  Steve thought it would benefit me to have a goal and a deadline for that goal.  After talking it over with my wife (I knew I would need her support) and praying (this was going to have to be a God thing) concerning this challenge, I decided to go for it.  Over the past 12 weeks Steve has encouraged me and guided me each and every day.  His meal plans have been spot on and even though I was able to change my body composition I did it the right way and never really felt as if my body was going without nutrients.  The training was intense and I was pushed harder than I ever was before, he always kept changing things up to keep the body in shock and kept the changes coming.


I can’t say enough good things about Steve and Charlotte, they always go far beyond your expectations.  They really care if you make life altering changes to your physical health, I think this is rare in our society today that is so often filled with those who only care about getting money from you and you never hear from them again.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what changes will occur next!


Nick Wallen


Nick Wallen




I always knew the person I am today was inside me. I needed guidance to find her. Steve provided the path and structure I needed to get her to open the door to an amazing FIT LIFE. He also gave me the confidence to not only close the door on an obese life, but to lock it and throw away the key."

Lisa Powers

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Jeff Decker:

"I found out about Steve Poynter by researching the trainer of a previous year’s transformation challenge.  I chose to hire Fitness Poynters because of the testimonies of his clients, and now I would like to offer mine as well for anyone who is looking for an effective, personalized meal and workout program.

I made a 12 week goal to become lean and tone.  In February 2013 I was carrying around post-pregnancy weight from September, and I hadn’t ever been a regular gym-goer, nor a well-informed healthy eater.  In April 2013, I completed my 12-week challenge, and thanks to the knowledge and skill of Steve Poynter (and a lot of work on my end), my transformation has exceeded my expectations!  I now weigh 108 pounds, having lost 24 pounds and dropped to about 13% body fat!  I have visible, defined muscle for the first time in my life!  I had an intense goal, and Steve provided a meal and exercise program built to match it.  Without Steve’s plans, I would not have had the methods or routine to get me where I am within the time I wanted.  Steve told me exactly what exercises to do at the gym each day (and since I was a beginner, he supplemented exercise names with illustrations) and what to eat and when.  As a bonus, I thought Steve did a great job at incorporating a variety of foods that taste good without compromising fat loss.  Because I wanted to execute my plan to the T, I asked questions when I needed clarification , or if I wanted to know whether certain seasonings and the like were permissible, and I have to say Steve is very on top of responding.  I’d recommend Steve to anyone ready to “go hard or go home” to achieve their fitness goals!"



I just finished a 14 week transformation with Steve and in that 14 week time frame I dropped my bodyfat percentage over 11% .. It went from 24.6% on January 2nd 2009, down to 13.4% on May 5th !



Heather Rawlins




" I have worked with Steve Poynter, of FitnessPoynters.com for a year and a half. My original goal in contacting Steve was to regain the more athletic physique I had in college while playing soccer. However, in the time I have worked with Steve this lifestyle has become something I grown quite passionate about. So much so, that recently I competed in my first Figure competition under the guidance of Steve.

As stated above, I have worked with Steve for approximately a year and a half. He has always set both my training and nutrition plan depending on what my goal was. I started out on a program to designed to gain lean mass, which I performed for about four months. I immediately began to see changes with my physique, and decided I would one day compete. I knew I had to be patient and consistent, and the results would come.

At this time I was started on Steve’s Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan. I wanted to get lean and see what my base was in order to see how far from the stage I was. At the end of the Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan my physique had changed dramatically and my bodyfat was at 11.7%, measured via BodPod. I was thrilled with my results but I knew that in order to compete, I would need to put more muscle on my frame.

I followed Steve’s Mass Program for fourteen weeks followed by another 12 week plan to get lean again. I was very pleased with the results from the mass program. I could certainly tell a huge difference in my physique from the first time I leaned out. My body had much better balance and symmetry, and I knew I wanted to step on stage later in the year.

At this time I was put on a program help build lagging body parts before my contest prep began. I performed this for several months leading up to my prep.

Steve planned my entire contest prep, both diet and training. Contest prep has been the most biggest physical and mental challenge I have faced to date, but it was well worth it. At the end of the twelve weeks, I was in the best condition of my life and ready to hit the stage. I placed third in both the Novice Figure categories and third in my class in Open Figure. The experience was amazing and I was ecstatic to place in my first competition. I plan on continuing to build my physique under Steve’s guidance and compete again next year, bringing an even better package to the stage.

Steve is very professional and is always available to answer any questions you may have. As a testament to Steve’s professionalism, he also competed in a bodybuilding competition that happened to be on the same day as mine. Contest prep is very demanding, not leaving you with much time but to focus on your competition. Even during his own prep, Steve’s approach and availability remained the same. He was always there to answer any of my questions and always updated my diet and training without missing a beat. I have always been impressed with Steve’s availability, but this took it to another level.

I highly recommend joining FitnessPoynters to anyone looking to not only change their physique, but to improve their health. The nutrition plans are easy to follow and prepare, and all of the training programs live up to their name and will get you the results you desire. No matter what your fitness goal is, Steve and FitnessPoynters will help you achieve it. You may want to get lean, add mass, focus on building lagging body parts, or even prep for a contest. With Steve’s assistance, you can and will achieve your goal."



Katie Durkin : Competitor Testimonial: Figure



I first heard of Steve through a friend I had watched go through a phenomenal transformation.  Ive always been pretty athletic, played soccer since I was 5 and have run distance races.  After graduating from grad school when I started working, I didn’t find as much time to dedicate to fitness as I used to and noticed I just didn’t look and feel like I used to.  Ive also always focused mostly on legs and cardio and never did much lifting for the upper body.  I finally decided I needed a change and decided to contact my friends trainer, Steve.  He completely changed how I look at weight lifting and diet.  He is amazing.  He’s always readily available to answer any questions and he will always update your program as needed.  Im amazed at how ive been able to develop my back and the rest of my upper body through his guidance.  Legs were always my favorite to train, but now I know how great it feels to have more balance and train the entire body.  As long as you are dedicated and have goals that you are striving for, Steve will be there to give you direction and encouragement.  You are not only signing up for assistance from Steve, everybody he trains is very supportive and I love the team vibe that I never thought Id experience in an online atmosphere.  After participating in his extreme fat destruction program, I now have aspirations of competing in figure next year.  In the meantime, I will continue to build and develop the look I want with his assistance and motivation.  I will continue to use Steve for my competition prep and highly recommend him to anybody thinking about making a change in their lifestyle for the better.  I am in the best shape of my life and owe that to him. Youre not just buying a fitness program, youre adopting a new lifestyle full of positive outcomes."


Nikki Morilak PT, DPT



Nikki Morilak

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I am so thankful to have had fitnesspoynters.com recommended to me by a friend who finished the PFD program. Steve is a top-notch coach and such an inspiration! I found Steve at a time when I had decided to make a change and make it BIG. I've always had problems sticking to a diet and exercise plan in the past, but this time it was different. I had blinders on and was determined not to fail.

The PFD plan is works so well because it is constantly changing and you never get bored with the same workouts. The meal plan was extremely easy to stick to and allows for several different meal choices. Every step of the way, Steve was there to answer all my questions no matter how many I had. I dedicated every ounce of motivation and determination to my transformation. After 12 weeks, I lost a total of 23.2 lbs, 11% bodyfat and 16.7 inches! I would not have been able to achieve this had it not been for Steve's help! I am now the smallest I've ever been...even smaller than before I was pregnant! This is definitely a lifestyle to stick with. I've been recommending Steve to all of my family and friends who have been inspired by my fitness journey! Thank you Steve for all that you do!



Jessica Gaskins:


"Giving a huge shout out to my coach, Steve Poynter!

*As far as looking for a coach, hands down, never thought of anyone, but Steve. I'd been following him for a while, and knew, he knew, what was up!


*He always always responds to each and every one of my emails, text, social media, and so on... The guy literally takes time of his day to write ya back, wether it's just to answer a question, or to give you some encouragement.


*He always likes, and comments on update pictures, tells ya what your doing right, what could be improved... you never have to worry what could be done, or if he's not saying enough!

*Never once did I starve with the meals. At first I worried, but once I started I actually was surprised by being full all day.


*The guy knows his stuff! I keep up with him daily through social media, and emails. He's literally putting in the work. Day in and day out. I'd never pick anyone else to lead me. I could have never made the transformation with out Steve.


*I feel more confident about my body now then I ever have. I feel strong, and healthy.... and it's because of Steve! "