As I begin to thank of the transformation that has taken place, I keep coming back to this one truth.  “There is a right way and there is a wrong way to accomplish your goals.”  Let me explain a little further, in January of 2012 I found myself weight in over 300 pounds.  To say I was overweight would have been a gross understatement, I was extremely obese.  At the age of 32 I was taking blood pressure medicine and had recently failed a sleep apnea test.  Something had to change and change immediately!
I began by cutting my calories and even though I knew at the time this was not the best way to lose weight I cut them by extreme amounts.  I also began to walk, that’s about all I could manage to do.  Over time I was able to increase my cardio but I continued to cut calories.  This allowed me to drop scale weight but I now know it also allowed me to lose precious amounts of muscle.
Around June of 2012 I began working out at Glenn Ford’s Fitness Center (Ford’s for short).  There I began to lift more weights and increased my intensity of cardio.  It is here my life and fitness journey would make a dramatic change.

It all began one day while I was on the Elliptical Machine finishing up with some cardio.  In walks this couple, immediately you knew they were different and they knew their stuff.  I remember looking at them and thinking, I would love to look and train as they do!  Over the next few weeks I would observe their training methods and noticed they wore these shirts that had on them, so I checked it out.
I first purchased a plan from Steve and did pretty well with the plan but didn’t follow it like I really should have and my results revealed this truth.  However, I worked hard in the gym and in time Steve and Char asked if I would like to join them in their training. I was pretty shocked and immediately knew I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.  As I began to train with them my strength increased, Steve knows how to get the most out you and he pushed you to your max.  However, I am a testimony to the fact that you cannot out work un-clean eating!
One day we were training, it was back-day and almost in passing he suggested I enter the 2014 Transformation Challenge.  Steve thought it would benefit me to have a goal and a deadline for that goal.  After talking it over with my wife (I knew I would need her support) and praying (this was going to have to be a God thing) concerning this challenge, I decided to go for it.  Over the past 12 weeks Steve has encouraged me and guided me each and every day.  His meal plans have been spot on and even though I was able to change my body composition I did it the right way and never really felt as if my body was going without nutrients.  The training was intense and I was pushed harder than I ever was before, he always kept changing things up to keep the body in shock and kept the changes coming.
I can’t say enough good things about Steve and Charlotte, they always go far beyond your expectations.  They really care if you make life altering changes to your physical health, I think this is rare in our society today that is so often filled with those who only care about getting money from you and you never hear from them again.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what changes will occur next!

Nick Wallen
Nick Wallen
"In January 2013 I had hit my all time low. I was 212 pounds, around 37% body fat and at a loss as to how I had reached this place or how to fix the damage I had done. I had tried several other ways from points systems to counting calories and nothing I was doing was getting the results I wanted. In April 2013 a friend introduced me to Fitness Poynters and I started the Extreme Fat Destruction plan. In those short weeks I my body was well on its way to where I wanted it to be. Steve and Charlotte are truly a blessing. Without them I wouldn't have ever had the courage or the tools to step on stage and compete in March 2014. With their help I lost a grand total of 70 pounds, around 15% body fat or more and have set new higher goals. The personalized nutrition plans are so incredibly easy and always on point with what my body needs. I never have to plan or workout again or meal again. By far one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Thank you Fitness Poynters for helping make me a better person inside and out. "

Sarah Croft

"In February of 2013 I started working with Steve Poynter. Initially my intentions were to get out of my fitness rut and get in great shape for summer. By May of 2013 I had finished my first program with Steve and I had surpassed my fitness expectations. At that point I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a Figure Competitor. From May through November 2013 Steve worked with me to put on some much needed muscle in order to begin Contest Prep. November 2013 I began Contest Prep for my first Figure competition and I stepped on stage February 8th, 2014. The day of my show I was in the best shape of my life and not only did I win my height class, but I went on to take the Overall Figure Championship at my very first show!!! That day I learned that dreams really can come true. Even though Steve is in Kentucky and I am in California the distance and time zones were never an issue. Through Steve's communication it was as if he was with me the day of the show. Steve customized a training and nutrition plan specifically for me and my show. I couldn't be more thrilled and confident in the overall package that I brought to the stage."
Katherine Garcia

Kat Garcia( Competitor Testimonial)

"Ive always been pretty healthy and have had passion for fitness; in the past I have done some military fitness competitions but nothing like the one I put myself into just recently.  Nevertheless I got into a slump having surgery and just went through some life situations that put my body at a stall and I needed to get out of it so I decided to do a NPC competition and so glad I did too!  
 I've had so much fun with this prep working with Steve, my workouts were amazing, my meals were always delicious to my taste; and in return every week my body was making changes. This competition prep got me back in the right direction with who I am and how I love all this. I'm so much happier being healthy and fit, thank you so much for the all help and being an awesome coach Steve :) "

 Ashley Onescu

I’ve always tried to eat healthily, and go to the gym. But no matter what I did, I never achieved my goals. I wanted a fit, athletic body!  Each year passed with the same weight lost, and then re-gained. It was so disheartening. Then earlier this year, whilst on, I found Charlotte’s profile, and her transformation – it was amazing. I was intrigued – I found the FitnessPoynters site, read every testimonial, and looked at each ‘before & after’ photo.  I was inspired, and motivated to contact Steve & purchase the EFD plan.
After completing the detailed questionnaire, I was given my diet & exercise plan. And so I started!! In May, at 43 years old, my bodyfat was around 30%.  After completing the EFD, and then PFD course – I’m currently at 18% bodyfat, with a loss of 14lbs.. which I’m so happy with.  And this is only part of the journey so far!
I’m so impressed with Steve and his methods, the speedy responses, and clarity of answers to my many inane questions.  He has given me the tools and support to transform - it’s simple to follow, but not always easy. He takes the guesswork out of everything, but is not there to baby you through the process, he won’t sugar the pill.  You need to take responsibility – after all YOU want to change!
But not only is he your trainer – everyone is part of the ‘FitnessPoynter’s Family’, a group he has set up for motivation and support – which is great, no matter where you are in the world!  I am in the UK, and have never felt far away!
Signing up with FitnessPoynters has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I just wish I’d found them sooner!"

Helen Randall

"Since the age of 16 I have yo-yo'd with my weight. I would try every "new" diet or workout fad only to derail myself and gain it all back plus more. I was notorious for starting out strong and then slowly I would start making little excuses to cheat, cut corners, or not do what was needed. I lived and died by the scale, either beating myself up or celebrating by the number on it.
While browsing through transformations I stumbled across the Fitness Poynter website/blog. Reading everyones testimonials and seeing the transformations REALLY got my attention. Further I was impressed by the commitment Steve made in helping people to achieve their goals... I couldn't sign up fast enough.
I received my workout and meal plan, stayed off the scale and started putting in the work! I'm not saying that it was always easy but the moment I felt like I wanted to quit I would go to the Fitness Poynter website/blog or the Facebook page and was never disappointed with the motivation I found from other people.
Further when Steve tells you he is only an email away he means it and he is always quick to answer any questions. He provides honest feedback, support and great motivation.
If I can turn my muffin top and fat rolls into muscle...anyone can! Very excited to be a part of the Fitness Poynter Team and can't wait to push my body more!"
Again Thank you so much...glad I found Fitness Poynters!!!!
Leasa McFarling
"While being a member of Team Poynter I came a long long way!! When I came to Steve 16 weeks out wanting to train for a show, I was determined to reach my goal and WAS NOT going to stop at anything! I had seen Chase Napier and Myka Clark make some amazing changes in just a few months and I became motivated more than ever to get on that stage. I emailed Steve and was quickly set up on a regimen that included diet and workout info. Steve changed my diets and workouts throughout the process according to my progress. Over the course of those 16 weeks I made crazy progress and with Steve's expertise, I was able to step on stage and compete in my first NPC Figure Competition! Steve was there throughout the entire process and helped me with all of my questions along the way. At 35, I am in the best shape of my life and have decided to make a career out of competing!! If it weren't for Steve, none of this would have been possible! Thank you Fitness Poynters for starting me on my way to being a Figure Competitor in the industry whom EVERYONE will know and watch!  "

Jackie McGill

I don't have an extraordinary weight loss story like most people. I have always been the "skinny-fat" girl. I modeled for 8 years and had more self confidence than I could handle...until I got pregnant. Four years after my pregnancy I realized that I never did anything for myself, ate maybe twice a day, never exercised, and my self-esteem was non-existent.
I found Steve and Charlotte through not even realizing they were about 20 miles from me. Her story inspired me to get off of my butt and get motivated! After a few weeks I finally contacted Steve to inquire about competing. While I was waiting for the "you can't've never even stepped in a gym before" reply; it was the complete opposite.
Steve has been very encouraging, super supportive, and honest with me since day one. He gave me the tools and advice to build an incredible body, answered all my questions immediately, and has built an incredible team for motivation.
I stood on stage for the first time as a bikini competitor 4 months after joining FitnessPoynters and couldn't be happier with my journey!! While my body is still a work in progress, I've gotten my self worth back and I can't thank you enough for helping me with that! "

Heather Sims

I found Steve online while trying to find a reasonable priced trainer for my first Figure Competition. I was already working out with a supportive trainer, I needed someone who could do both nutrition and weight work outs for me. One of the most important things for me was response long did it take to have a return answer, with Steve it was within an hour at most. The other important issue was that the trainer was comfortable with my age. AT 52, my body responds a little differently than at 32. I did an 18 week prep and lost 16 pounds. I am now in a "lean and fit" range with my body fat, I feel wonderful and I am looking forward to doing 2-3 competitions next year. I still have some large improvements to make but am confident that with Steve's training I can accomplish these. Oh and did I mention...I got a Fifth Place trophy!

Lisa Sweet

"This whole year I've been coached by Steve with awesome progress the whole way. Three months ago I was at a point where I was feeling very confident about about the work I had put in with the help of Steve's plan, so I decided to compete in my first Physique competition. Steve made the perfect meal plan and training program to get my body into the shape I needed to look great on stage. The plan was fun in that every week I was seeing changes in my body. I was very anxious and a little nervous leading up to the show, but Steve was always encouraging me and ensuring me that I was making progress and that I would do great. Whenever I had a question or concern, Steve always responded to my emails promptly. I never had to wait to hear a response. I would highly recommend consulting with Steve to anybody that is considering on competing or even if you have no desire to compete and would just like to transform your body. Steve will definitely set you on the right track."


What can I say! Fitness Poynter's has changed my life forever.As I
worked out a year on my own doing cardio and weight training six days a
week, I only lost one pants size and for 4 months I had no weight changes
or changes in my pants size, I was getting very frustrated, as I continued
to work out I noticed a girl in the gym, and her body was changing every
time I looked at her.
So one day after getting upset with my training and
how my body looked, I bit the bullet and went over and started asking her
questions, on what she was doing. So as she told me about Fitness
Poynter's, I became intrigued, so I went to the web site and started
reading all the stories, and signed up immediately.
After my first week the results were amazing, then at week 4 my body had changed dramatically
and week 8 Holy Cow! And at week 12 I went from a size 14 to a size 4
could not believe my eyes. Now at age 45 i'm in barking on something I
would never have dreamed of doing in a million years , I will be competing
in my first Figure Competition in April, I'm amazed with this program,
Steve Poynter has changed my Life forever,He is not only my Trainer but my
friend, and not only a friend but a part of my family, as well as all the
members of Fitness Poynter's, I have never meet such amazing people in my
life, all are supportive and will help you through all the rough times,
and motivate you. So all I can say is I Love Fitness Poynter's. YOU ROCK."

Betty Hendly Tuohy

I have always been that girl who would go to the gym for a week then I wouldn't go back for months, and I had no clue what eating healthy consisted of. When I hit my 30’s I started picking up weight that I just couldn't seem to get off. My fiancé had done several bodybuilding shows and has wanted me to do one with him for several years, but I didn't think I had the kind of discipline it took to compete. After being fed up with the way I looked I decided I was ready for a change! I heard about Steve through some of the girls at my gym and contacted him immediately. Steve gave me all the tools I needed to transform my body, and now it was up to me. I started seeing changes in my body after about 2 weeks, and every week after that I saw more. Steve, along with other fitness pointer members helped me stay focused and motivated. This was definitely a lifestyle change that I grew to love. The saying “At first they'll ask you why you are doing it, but later they'll ask you how you did it” is a very true statement.

Amanda Brewer

I have worked out for several years, but I started using Steve in October 2012. At that time he had me on the Mass Construction plan. I had bulked before, but I had never done it the right way. Previously I had made the same mistakes you would commonly hear from the average gym rat. I ate any and everything. Pizza, McChickens, and Debbie cakes. Then I would always cut down and look exactly the way I did before the "bulk." So in October 2012, I decided I wanted to do it the right way. I had seen Steve's pictures on Bodyspace, and I had heard of a few people using him and having great results. I must say, I was MORE than satisfied with the results! Within 6 months I gained 30 lbs and broke previous PR's on every lift by 50+ lbs.
In June of this year, I talked with Steve about competing in the NPC Tricky Jackson Classic. He then told me that he thought that I would do good if I did exactly as he said. So I said, "lets do this!" At this time he gave me my new meal and workout plan. At first I would send him progress pictures every few weeks and he would adjust my meals and workouts accordingly. Within the First 5 weeks of my contest prep I lost 20 lbs. As the contest came closer, I would send him pictures every other week. At 5 weeks out I drove up to Lexington and worked out with him, Charlotte, and a couple of his other workout partners, and they worked with me on my posing. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and they helped me out tremendously. The first 10 weeks wasn't that hard but I wont lie, the last 5 weeks was intense. As the show drew closer I was exhausted both physically and mentally. It seemed like every week he would increase my cardio on top of what I already thought was too much. I remember thinking...Am I gonna have any muscle left? But I just kept on pushing and stuck to the plan. I didn't miss a meal, workout, or cardio session the enbtire time. I didn't wanna look back and have any regrets.. and finally show time was here!
I weighed in at 194 lbs, which was 7 lbs heavier than I wanted, but still that was a 45 lbs loss from when I had bulked up! I text Steve that night and he was just as shocked as I was. Nothing to do now but Rock that stage the next day. I ended up placing 5th in the Mens Open Light Heavy Weight class and I was more than happy with that! My class had 16 competitors in it. At this time I am back on the Mass building plan, and I am working on bringing up some weak points so that hopefully at my next show I will place a little higher. Its not over til I win! I am currently and will continue to use Steve as my trainer for all of my fitness goals. If you want insane results, Fitness Poynters is definitely the choice you should make!

Nick Hale

In July 2013 I decided I wanted to compete in Women’s figure.  I didn’t really know where to begin.  As a single mom who works full time and goes to grad school I was worried about how I could accomplish this.  I had very little knowledge of nutrition and had only been lifting for a little under a month. 
I contacted Steve at Fitness Poynters and it was the best decision I’ve made.  I quickly learned how to nourish my body by eating clean and how to work more efficiently and productively in the gym.  I committed myself 100% to the program. 
After three months I competed in my first figure competition and placed in the top ten.  My body was completely transformed.  I lost 4% body fat and gained a lot of muscle.  I would never have been able to do this on my own.  I was a little worried about having a trainer who was not in the same state as me, but trust me, it was never an issue.  Steve always responds quickly to emails and he customizes the plans to meet your specific needs. It makes a difference when you have someone on your side cheering you on and giving you honest and helpful feedback and instruction.  I will be going with Team Poynter for my next competition in March; it’s a no-brainer! 

-Kristin Torkelsen

I first was introduced to several times when looking on for online trainers. I had set a goal 3 years ago to eventually get on the stage to be in the best shape of my life. One day on Facebook I saw a Fitness Poynter's team member, Lisa Powers, spotlighting her transformation with Fitness Poynters. Her transformation to her figure competition is one of the most incredible and inspiring I've yet to see. It was then I realized its my turn to reach that goal!

With the MetRxRockyMountain Competition 11 weeks away I contacted Steve immediately. We worked together to figure out a plan… He was completely honest and couldn't guarantee I'd be stage ready in time. With the help of Steve and the online group - I pushed through my 11 weeks and fought off temptations during my journey. It was a hard journey and I learned a lot about myself! I'm happy to report that I walked the stage like I owned it! 

Steve is a no nonsense kind of guy and makes you accountable for all your decisions. He has a plan that is dialed in and attitude that is absolutely inspiring! I will continue my process with the Fitness Poynters Team and with his help make larger goals as my journey continues. 

Hands down the best trainer out there and he WILL get you to where you want to be!!

Brittany Kent

Before I got in touch with Steve, I was spinning my wheels-trying to figure out why my physique was never improving through months in the gym. It was Charlotte's transformation that caught my eye and ultimately led me to him. Everything from his professionalism, to the substantially large online community support group, to the detail put in to every workout and meal plan is what I needed to step it up. While I may not have lost 100lb+, I still completely transformed my body through him. Steve fueled my passion for the sport, and I competed in my first NPC Figure Competition. I know now that this was always my path, and I have come to love everything about fitness-all thanks to Steve and

Mallory Cramer-Bobo

"I entered the Bodybuilding.Com 2014 Dymatize $100,000 Transformation Challenge and spent 4 weeks exercising and eating "on my own". I wasn't happy with my progress and knew I had to bring in a seasoned pro to help me. In looking at the different profiles on Bodyspace,  I noticed that some of the best transformations came with the help of Steve Poynter at Fitness Poynters. I was totally blown away by what he helped his clients achieve, in particular – Lisa Powers and the 2011 Transformation Challenge Winners, Trelas and Nikia Dyson.  So I reached out to him and he agreed to help me even though we were in a time crunch…at this point, I only had about 8 ½ weeks to burn fat and build muscle. I wasn’t sure I could do it but he had faith in me and as long I was 110% committed, I knew I would be able to achieve great results too. Within 2 weeks, the results were visibly clear and I think we were both surprised…goes to show you what clean eating paired with the right workout plan will do for your body!
In the short time we worked together, I lost significant body fat while gaining solid muscle. My pictures speak for themselves and is proof that Steve knows what he's doing. I'm excited to continue working with him on my fitness goals which is to build the physique I've always wanted while preparing to compete in my first figure show...with his help, I know I will be successful! I also want to add that I loved working with Steve for his straight-forward, no BS approach - he's always there to answer questions and help out but still keeps it real at the same time. Thanks so much Steve!"

Trinh Wauer

"I found out about Steve on Instagram.  I came across a profile of someone he was training for a bikini competition and her results were amazing.  This lead me to search the hashtag #fitnesspoynters, everyone looked amazing, and I was sold!  It took me about a month to finally reach out to him because I just couldn't cut it on my own.  I knew my way around the gym because I'd been working out on and off for about three years, but my diet was all over the place.  I knew that it took 12 weeks to transform your body and I was ready to commit in doing just that.   With summer around the corner, I refused to go another summer and be covered at the beach.
After purchasing the competition package and filling out the questionnaire, Steve emailed my workout and meal plan.  When I reviewed everything I thought the workout was challenging but totally doable.  The meal plan on the other hand was strict and I was overwhelmed by the information.  I had to remind myself the reason I was doing this, so I took my before pictures and started on January 13, 2014.
Weeks in to the plan, I had friends and family members commending me for being about to stick to this plan because they couldn't do it.  I would just tell them "It's mind over matter, and if you want it bad enough you'll do it."  I liked my plan because every few weeks my meals and workouts would change, so I never got bored.  There were times when I felt discouraged because I felt as though my body wasn't changing.  It was during these moments when I would take a progress pic and would be motivated all over again!  Receiving positive feedback from Steve really gave me a boost as well.
My 12 week transformation was definitely a challenge but I am so glad I did it.  I started out weighing 186.4 pounds and April 7, 2014 I weighed 161.4 and the only measurement I kept track of was my waist.  My waist started out at 32 inches and is 28.5 inches today.  I love my new body and it's only about to get better.
I am so excited and motivated to continue on this journey.  I've sent my before and during (because I'm not done yet!) pictures to family out of state and everyone has asked how I did it.  I've directed everyone to because I am living proof that Steve is the and he knows his stuff!  He communicates in a timely and effective manner and I will forever be grateful for the knowledge he's passed down to me.  I look forward to keep working with him.
Marquita Jackson.

Marquita Jackson
Bodyspace Profile

I have P90x and insanity. I have tried weight watchers and counting calories but i was never able to stick to any of it. I knew deep down that the body i had was not the body i wanted so i decided to do something about it. My breaking point was when i went to try on a pair of pants from Express and the biggest size they offered was too tight. Once i found steve and Team Poynter, i couldn't believe the reviews or the success rate this man has accumulated. I signed up for the transformation challenge and a Poynter plan on January 28, 2013 and i haven't looked back. To see change, you must make changes and I now have the body of my dreams. I am smaller than i have EVER been (even in high school by 2 dress sizes) and its all thanks to Steve's tools, hard work and dedication to myself and to the plan. I went from an overflowing size 12 to a size 2. I can never thank Steve enough for changing my life. "
-Jami Johnson

Jami Johnson Bikini Competitor

“I just knew I had to hire Steve Poynter with for my first Figure competition after seeing the results he had made with Lisa Powers. At 52 years of age I have always loved weight lifting & always wanted to be able to obtain a body to compete, but had no idea how to go about it. I got so tired of people at the gym telling me I had to do more cardio or quit lifting heavy weights. I tried everything and had several personal trainers with no luck. I got even more frustrated after going through surgical menopause two years ago and not being able to take any hormone replacement therapy due to my Mother having breast cancer. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Intersitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome). All of the Doctor’s I visited (including an Endocrinologist) informed me that my body had changed due to menopause and to just accept it. My body was holding onto fat due to no estrogen. I am the type of individual that will not accept being average! This is where Steve’s competition prep came into action. He came up with a sound meal plan that kept me very full and satisfied the entire 16 weeks that I did my prep. He also came up with great exercises based on my progress to help me build muscle and lean out. I started seeing results within the first 3 weeks. I have had more energy than I have ever had and went from 129 to 114 lbs stage weight. Steve kept my body guessing with changing things up every few weeks. It did not take long before a lot of the people from my gym were asking who my trainer was. I never once felt depleted and on competition day I felt fantastic. Steve was very quick to answer every e-mail I ever sent him and he truly seemed to care about my health and success. I can never thank Steve enough for providing me with the tools I needed to succeed at this sport! I took home 4 trophy’s from my first show: 2nd Masters Figure Short, 4th Ms. Ft. Benning Figure, 5th Ms. Tr-city figure, and 5th Novice Figure! Thank-you Steve for helping me reach my dreams!!! “

Linda Morgan

"After having numerous abdominal surgeries I wanted to rebuild my core strength. I found Steve via who not only evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, he tailored a program that consisted of both diet and training to suit my needs. What impressed me the most was that this was all personalised service.
Having Steve to contact via email is simply amazing!! He always responds regardless of how many emails you send him and no question is a problem. He even has a members forum to communicate with other like minded people which has become my second family!
Since I started with Steve and Fitnesspoynters 12 months ago, I have completed 2 plans and I'm now planning to compete in my first figure competition.
I have already recommended Fitnesspoynters to my family and friends as this is now my lifestyle and I look forward to continue working with Steve in the future."
Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark

"Never in my life did I think I could look like this. I was always afraid of competing in shows. I was always self conscious... Not now! Life before was boring and I never had goals like I do now. Having the support from Steve, my friends and family has made this so easy. This journey has been amazing and cannot wait for more progress. It's such a great feeling when people ask what I do to look so good, and how I got fit. I love telling them about because I believe in it. I believe that hard work and dedication goes hand in hand. That being said, I would definitely recommend Steve as your personal trainer. Why? Because I believe. "

Myka Dawn Clark
Frankfort, Kentucky

"My fitness journey with Steve started when I saw the progress another girl had con a 12 week program with him. I was immediately intrigued.  After a bit of research I had no questions & wanted to join his team to get started right away.  Later I came to realize that moment was one of the best decisions of my life!  I signed up for a 12 week competition prep program and eagerly waited for an email to recieve my first plan from him.  Steve sets down expectations right away in order to give his clients their best results. Regular check-ins allow me to follow the plan exactly and never even think to skip a workout because he holds his clients accountable for their work.  I never question anything he has planned for me and there is no reason to do so because everything so far has turned out for the best.
Because of Fitness Poynters, I was extremely well prepared for my first bodybuilding competition September 14th, 2013 in Kansas City and placed 2nd in two divisions in my first competition ever.  I couldn't thank Steve enough for keeping me on track and giving such great positive feedback to keep me motivated.  I will continue working with him for my upcoming competition..."

Chelsea Lawson
Chelsea Lawson Fitness

"How do you thank someone who truly changes your life?
 I just completed 12 wks of the Fat Destruction Meal Plan, I worked out at home on the equipment I had. First and foremost, this plan FAR exceeded my goals.. I am so far past my goals I have realized I can be a fit person and I am going to continue on this path with Fitnesspoynters!
 Before a friend recommended Steve & Fitnesspoynters, I was counting calories and starving. This wasn’t even working I was not losing weight or size!
 I read the website and I was intimidated, I was so far out of shape and here were all of these success stories. But I decided why not me?? I contacted Steve explained what my goals were, what my limitations were (recent shoulder surgery) and Steve recommended his meal plan. When I began his meal plan I could not believe the volume of food, I was no longer starving! Here was a plan I could actually LIVE with!
 Fitnesspoynters doesn’t sell diet plans, they promote lifestyle change! I now have the knowledge to continue weight management and strength gains.
 My starting weight and sizes: 230# size 42 pants xl-xxl shirts.
Final stats after 12wks 204# size 36 pants and a large shirt.
 Thank you so much, I am looking forward to working on another 12wks!"

Bill Ratliff

"For many years I followed many different workout plans and fad diets which never gave me the results I wanted. After following several girls on bodyspace and seeing their amazing results and asking them how they did it they all lead me to Steve!
Right away Steve customized a meal and workout plan that worked for me.  I followed the program day in and day out and saw amazing results! Steve switched up my workouts and meals as needed and kept things interesting! I was fit, had more energy, more muscle, healthy, confident and in a short time I lost 27 pounds and 3 sizes and thanks to Steve I competed in my first bikini competition!!  The plan was easy to follow and whenever I had questions Steve always responded quickly.
I will continue to work with Steve for years to come and am anxious to compete in my next Bikini competition this Spring!
Thanks Steve for everything! I couldn't have ever competed in my first show or received the results I have without your help!  Thanks also to Team Poynter you all have kept me motivated and shown me that their are "No Excuses"! "

Stacey Redeker


"I completed my first Steve Poynter program, Extreme Fat Destruction, and must say I am very happy with my results.  I have always been someone who has loved working out but never really had a strict diet or workout plan.  Being in the military you want to be fit and live up to the image everyone sees on tv or pictures.  After my wife came across Steve’s web page we both decided to do our own plans.  Steve does an awesome job with communicating with you from day one.  If you don’t understand something or have a worry you can just email him and you will hear something back that day or the next.  With his programs he tells you exactly what to do each day for your workout as well as what to eat.  As long as you put in the effort and follow what he tells you to do You Will See Results!  I started out weighing in at 190 lbs and 12% body-fat.  My end result was 174 lbs and 9.3% body-fat.  I can definitely see where my lean muscle has developed throughout the program.  Thank you for everything Steve and I will continue to use you to reach my fitness goals."

Russ Garcia

"I have always had a love of fitness, and have been very active both inside and outside of the gym. Even though I am a healthy eater with workout knowledge, I have never felt like I have been able to get to a certain level. At the end of 2012, I finally came to the point where I was tired of wanting to look like the women in fitness magazines, and ready to work on getting there myself. I started doing some research and came across Steve Poynter on Right away I was very impressed with his clients success and the way that they spoke so highly of Steve and his different programs. After browsing Steve's website,, I decided to purchase his Psychotic Fat Destruction Program. The meals that came with the program were straightforward and easy to prepare, and the workout plan was progressive and challenging. Anytime I ever had a question Steve emailed me within the day. Steve gave me the blueprint to be successful at the end of the 12 week plan. I am very happy with what I have been able to achieve in just 12 weeks.  My ultimate goal is to make a name for myself in the fitness industry. I have confidence in Steve and Fitness Poynters ability to help me reach my goals on and off the stage. I recommend Fitness Poynters to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their health and take their fitness to a new level."

Kat Garcia

I grew up with very low self-esteem and confidence. I blame this solely on my weight. I would look through magazines and wished that I looked like the women in them. After watching my best friend, Samantha Audia, transform her body, I knew that's what I wanted. I was at a point where I was depressed with how I looked. It affected all of my relationships. After working with Steve, I can proudly say that I love the way I look, my confidence is back. Completing Psychotic Fat Destruction is a major accomplishment for myself.
Without the guidance and support from Steve, I would have been lost. His meal plan and workouts were right on point. Anytime I had any question, he was there. Thank you Steve for endless support throughout my journey. I look forward to my future with Fitness Poynters.

* Vanessa Audia

I am 31, mom of two girls that play travel softball, and was an athlete my whole life, but with two pregnancies I let myself go and have given more excuses then I can count #1 excuse lack of time.  I have always “worked out” but in May 2012 I noticed I was at my heaviest.  I emailed Steve and he got me started on PFD.  But with a back injury and still not mentally ready it was on and off until Jan. 2013, I finally let my back injury heal.  Steve put together a beginner program for six weeks to get me back in the swing of things.  March 2013 I started PFD, in the last twelve weeks I have lost 14 lbs and numerous inches, I went from a tight size 10, to a loose size 6.  Thank you Steve, I couldn’t have done it without you.

* Patti Schulz

"I started with Fitness Poynters in September 2012.  My husband purchased me the EFD program for my birthday (my idea!) to help me lose my leftover baby weight from having my daughter 1 year earlier.  I was not overweight but I had definitely plateaued at a body I wasn’t satisfied with and needed to try something different.  I followed the plan as laid out and lost 10 pounds in 12 weeks.
While my goal had just been to get back to my pre-baby body, I now had muscle definition I’d never had and was hooked on this new lifestyle!  After seeing photos of competitors Fitness Poynters had trained and speaking with some of them in our private Facebook group, I decided competing in figure was the next goal for me.
For a couple months Steve put me on a plan to help me add muscle and then we did a 12 week series of diets and workouts to get me lean for my show.  Steve was always available to (quickly!) answer any questions I had and adjust my program as necessary to get me prepared for my show. 
The final weeks we had lots of communication and I was always confident in the instruction he provided.  I would pay 5 times the fee that he charges for competition prep.  His dedication to his clients is obvious and invaluable.  In June 2013 I competed in a NANBF natural show as a figure competitor and placed 1st in Novice, 2nd in Beginner, and 3rd Open.  Better then I thought possible!  I’m hooked.  I cannot wait to continue to work with Fitness Poynters to prepare for my future shows!"

Samantha Audia

"I have been heavily into fitness and nutrition for the past 25 years. I've tried most of the "diets" on the market and the "get thin quick" schemes. I've read muscle magazines and followed hundreds of workouts from them. I will tell you this with 100% honesty.....Steve's workout plans are amazing! They are easy to follow, simple to understand and there are no special products to purchase. I highly recommend his programs!
In four months of competition prep I lost a total of 23 pounds and went from a size 6/8 to a size 4/5. I plan to continue with Steve for years to come.

Krystal Esling

"I'm in the best shape of my life at 25 years old. The workout and nutrition plans, from Steve, have been a major contributing factor to my success with fitness. Steve genuinely cares for his clients and strives to make anyone who is part of his team a winner. His resume is second to none and I consider that my investment of money and time that I place in Steve's plans are invaluable. If you are serious about making real change, Steve gives you the answers that you need to make that happen. Top notch trainer with the heart of a champion and wisdom of a scholar."

Felipe Rojas

"I started my fitness journey in March of 2011. After years of a eating disorder that just about ruined a very important part of my life, my marriage, I said NO MORE. I knew I could be stronger than 'ED'.
So without any professional help, I took control. It took a few months to get use to having food in my stomach. Finding ways to preoccupy my mind, it worked. I started working out and was amazed on how my body responded. So in September of 2011, I turned to Steve Poynter ( for some guidance. I started the Extreme Fat Destruction meal/workout plan. Through that plan, I realized my body really responded well to 5-6 meals a day. I was able to keep my body weight stable with gaining muscle.
Fast forward to late 2012, I got in touch with Steve Poynter again. I had surgery in July 2012, and after a long recovery of not being able to do any weight sessions, I needed his guidance, again.
He was so receptive and helpful. Emails bouncing back and forth answering all my questions and concerns. Under his guidance, I decided to sign up for a challenge to help kick start things and keep me accountable.
In 12 weeks, I went from 154 to 146, 22%BF to 18%BF, and with my lean body mass remaining the same, my fat mass was down 8lbs. So knowing the 8lbs I lost was fat, was huge for me.
I was extremely pleased with this 12 week result.
Not only was the guidance of Steve Poynter at key for me, the private Facebook group that he set up is heaven sent. It's nice to be able to express concerns with other members.
Even though my 12 week challenge is over, my journey is not. My motivation to keep killing it, I can't deny. I motivate me to be the best I can, and then some. I will continue to seek guidance of Steve Poynter because it down right works."
Lori Glynn

"When my weight began to get out of control, I knew I had to find a way to beat it.  I was otherwise headed towards obesity and all of the emotional and physical side effects that come with it.  A friend referred me to Fitness Poynters, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Separating Steve from all other programs I have seen or tried was that he doesn’t take a “one diet/exercise plan fits all” approach, it is tailored to your current status and where you want to go.  And all of this, for 12 weeks, cost me less than it would for 2-3 sessions with a personal trainer at the gym, and with no pyramid scheme attached to it.  It shows his genuine desire to help you.
He has been everything I needed.  He creates for you a new way of life, a new way of thinking.  I needed an architect that would really provide me with sustainability and accountability.  I didn't need someone who would tell me "good job" no matter what I did.  I didn't need someone who would tell me that it was no big deal if I ate poorly.  I needed someone who would tell me like it is, and give me credit when it was earned.  When Steve commends your dedication and says you're a beast, he means it; he’s not just putting out fluff to make you feel good.
My transformation has been powerful, emotionally and physically.  I lost 11 pounds, and several inches, 6 of them being on my belly.  I can even go back now to photos where I weighed the same as I do currently and note that even at the same weight, I carried much more fat then, and much more muscle now.  I even have aspirations of Figure Competitions down the line!  Not only do I recommend Fitness Poynters for anyone who is seriously dedicated to changing their bodies, but I personally will be sticking with him for years to come! "

Grace and Peace,

Lacie Gwinn

"Its unbelievable that so many years were so unhealthy, only because I didn't know there was something better and healthier for me in which I now love my life.
I lost some weight on my own. Did I do it the right way? I think not. Did I exercise the way I should have to make my body strong?  No I didn't. Fitness Poynters showed me how. At the beginning of my journey there were complications with my internal system and took a few years to figure out. Fitness Poynters helped me along the way to keep me focused, keep my mind and body strong and eat clean. To provide me with the right way of clean eating, to support my system until my problems were discovered and understood, that is now under control.
At the time of discovery and getting better, the 12 week transformation challenge opened up....I figure it was my time to shine and can only thank Fitness Poynters that has lead me into a healthier me today....and will continue my journey with them....the results are in front of you. is the only way!"

Ellena Vlachou

    "All of my life I have been called “the skinny guy.”  I was “that kid” in school who was always picked last for sports.  As an adult, my unhappiness with my physique worsened.  I had gone from "skinny" to "soft".   I finally decided to change my body.  I found the “Fitness Poynters Program” as a way to make the change. This program represented to me the motivation and direction that I had been looking for. My 12 week fitness journey was mapped out for me.  I learned about diet and nutrition and how I could gain muscle and lose fat through specific diet and exercises.  Frequent emails from Steve Poynter helped me to keep focus on my ultimate goal which was to become the best I could be.  I was energetic and happy to be exercising and really seeing my body change because of Steve Poynter and his program.  I am SO happy with my results!  I am ecstatic with the way my body looks!  My results have also motivated others.  My friends and people at the gym ask me what I have done to improve my physique and I credit the Poynters fitness program for the change.  I want to say “Thank You” to Steve Poynter because this program has helped me achieve my fitness goals. I feel great, I look great, and I now know how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Thank You Steve!!

Dave Watkins

"I have been a Marine for 21+ years and involved with fitness since 1988. I am stubborn and not a newbie by any means. So when a friend recommended Steve's fat loss program I was skeptical but thought what the heck. I was closing in on 40 and needed something, someone to motivate me.
I contacted Steve and that started a great transformation. I wasn't in terrible shape before but not ripped or certainly not really conditioned. In the last year, with Steve's help I revamped my tired workout and diet. Friends saw results right away. People started telling me to do competitions. I again contacted Steve, who hand-walked me through EVERY single detail I needed to not only compete but win! I placed 4th in my first show, a NPC National qualifier and then turned right around and placed 2nd in another.

We spoke a lot! Mostly Steve calming me down and ensuring I stayed the course to achieve the goal WE had set. Steve covered everything from suit color, posing style, last minute diet tweaks to get even more ripped and even determining the best division to compete in for my body type. I can't recommend Steve Poynter enough. He knows his trade because he's done it over and over again with continually successful results!!! I am now getting ready for the Masters Nationals and could think of no one I would rather have in my corner than Steve. PERIOD!!!!"

Jeff Decker:

"I found out about Steve Poynter by researching the trainer of a previous year’s transformation challenge.  I chose to hire Fitness Poynters because of the testimonies of his clients, and now I would like to offer mine as well for anyone who is looking for an effective, personalized meal and workout program.
I made a 12 week goal to become lean and tone.  In February 2013 I was carrying around post-pregnancy weight from September, and I hadn’t ever been a regular gym-goer, nor a well-informed healthy eater.  In April 2013, I completed my 12-week challenge, and thanks to the knowledge and skill of Steve Poynter (and a lot of work on my end), my transformation has exceeded my expectations!  I now weigh 108 pounds, having lost 24 pounds and dropped to about 13% body fat!  I have visible, defined muscle for the first time in my life!  I had an intense goal, and Steve provided a meal and exercise program built to match it.  Without Steve’s plans, I would not have had the methods or routine to get me where I am within the time I wanted.  Steve told me exactly what exercises to do at the gym each day (and since I was a beginner, he supplemented exercise names with illustrations) and what to eat and when.  As a bonus, I thought Steve did a great job at incorporating a variety of foods that taste good without compromising fat loss.  Because I wanted to execute my plan to the T, I asked questions when I needed clarification , or if I wanted to know whether certain seasonings and the like were permissible, and I have to say Steve is very on top of responding.  I’d recommend Steve to anyone ready to “go hard or go home” to achieve their fitness goals!"

Jenny Fuhrman

In 2009 I was over weight and miserable. I managed to lose the weight after a year of mixed training advice but was stumped when it came to weight training and gaining muscle as a female. That is when I met Steve. My first plan was a mass construction plan. Through hard work and dedication to his instructions I began what is now a solid lifestyle of health and fitness. Steve has been with me though many phases of my journey towards gaining my pro card. Treating me and my goals with respect. He is not afraid to call bullshit, or give solid advice and encouragement. Most of trainers I meet talk A LOT of game. If you met Steve in person you would see he is a man of little words, but when he speaks, those words count. He has become a trusted friend and confidant and I consider him and Charlotte family. I trusted Steve over the years with my body through his advice. I learned from him. Now I am realizing my dreams. 
Last thing, Steve's plans only work as good as what YOU put into them. Following the instructions that Steve takes the time to give you will give you results. Your results depend on communication, honesty, consistency, and dedication to what you want."

Audrey Presson IFBB Pro

"I have dropped 10 Lbs since the start. I would still like to move forward to lean out further & intend to do so , we are altering my current plan to help me lean out even more and put on some more lean muscle mass.
Back in 1995 I had an operation to remove 13 inches of my large intestine due to Crohn's disease.
Since going on the diet you provided after the first 3 weeks I noticed a change in how I felt. I have never felt better
and healthier with just the diet alone since my operation. A big plus!
Seems the older you get the harder it is to stay fit. No matter how much I worked out in the past I have been plagued with
not being able to gain muscle mass.
The pics don't do any justice, I am looking better than I have for a while and feeling better than I have for a long time.

Thanks for your help and knowledge."-Tony Bukta

Steve, and, has helped me close the door on my obese life. I'm not an ignorant person when it comes to being healthy. I was a personal trainer for 10 years and have been teaching Health and PE for over 11 years. I have helped thousands lead a healthier lifestyle.  However, when it came to myself I lacked focus and direction. I felt lost. I have bounced between the extremes of being obese and a healthy weight. And constantly run through the cycle of liking myself and hating myself.
Steve's meal plans were key for me. He said from the beginning that he didn't believe in diets and this would need to become a lifestyle. For me that clicked. I listened to him and put faith in the fact that if I follow my meal plan I will be successful.
The workouts are wonderful. Challenging? Yes, but in a way that keeps me excited to work harder and see more progress. I also draw motivation from Steve, himself, knowing that he isn't just sitting at a computer typing out reps and sets. Having a trainer who "walks the walk" and shares his own triumphs and trials from the gym pushes me through obstacles in and out of the gym.  I found encouragement to step out of my comfort zone and lift heavier. It was uncomfortable, but the way his workout plans are created has changed the shape and structure of my body...and I LOVE the person I am today. I haven't been able to say that before.
Steve's ability to actively and promptly correspond through email, texts and Facebook surprised me. I cannot imagine the hundreds of emails he must receive each day. Yet, I felt when he responded to my questions, inquiries or random thoughts, that he was only focused on me. I appreciate that type of attention.

I always knew the person I am today was inside me. I needed guidance to find her. Steve provided the path and structure I needed to get her to open the door to an amazing FIT LIFE. He also gave me the confidence to not only close the door on an obese life, but to lock it and throw away the key."
Lisa Powers
Bodyspace: Missteacher :

I tried various diet and workout plans that I found on the internet and magazines. I skipped meals and got bored easily with the workouts.  I managed to lose a few pounds here and there but the results were not what I wanted.
A friend of mine gave good remarks about Steve’s PFD program. After seeing her results and looking around on his website I gave it a try. It was the best decision I made!  The meal plan is nothing complicated and the workouts were never dull. After completing two cycles of PFD I am leaner and stronger.
Steve is always available to help answer any questions or problems that I had. I would recommend him to anyone in search of the perfect fat loss plan.
Thanks for all of your help! "


"I have been lifting in a gym for over 20 years, and I have never seen results like these.  I am a certified trainer, gym rat hobbyist, and Steve and his program have taken me to a new level.
Anyone can benefit, from the beginner to the soon to be competitor, Steve is your man.
I have dropped 7% body fat, learned a better easier way to eat, new tricks in the gym, and on week 14 I am still amazed.  Eating clean is a way of life and Steve can help make it real and attainable.
I recommend everyone, give him a chance to change your life for the better.
"EAT Clean, Train Harder, and show of the results"

Thanks again.
Eric Avervill

"After spending three years in the gym and seeing mediocre results I decided to give Fitness Poynters a try to see how they could help me. All I can say is wow!! After 12 weeks I have dropped 25 lbs and 6% body fat. Not only has my body changed but my mind has changed how I look at food. Now I am constantly thinking about what I’m eating and how it will improve my body or my performance. I love being prepared and having all of my meals planned out for the whole week and know what lies ahead of me in the gym. I’m ready for the next challenge that Steve has planned for me."
Wade Brantley
Hoover, Alabama

Wade Brantley 12 week Transformation Via challenge

"I have completed Steve Poynters PFD plan twice now and it is definitely the best way from beginning to end to get in excellent shape. After finishing the challenging yet addicting meal plan and PFD workout I wanted to take it to the next level so Steve helped me prepare for my first show. He created a custom meal plan and workout for me and in my first ever show I placed 4th in the novice and 6th in the open. This year I came back for more, competing in the same show. Steve created another custom meal plan and workout plan that changed and tweaked when needed and I placed 1st in novice and 3rd in the open. not only taught me how to be in great shape but it has changed my life completely. I understand now that it's not about losing weight or getting stronger it's about changing your lifestyle for the better. I plan on competing in many more bodybuilding shows and I have complete faith and trust in Steve Poynter and to help me come out on top."

Jesse Westburgh
Richmond , Kentucky
NPC Competitor

"I have always had a desire to body build but was intimidated by it. I have been working out since 2007 with so/so results.   It got to a point where I increased my workouts –and participated in a tri-athlon.  I was still unhappy with my results. Then one day I stumbled upon Fitness Poynters on Facebook.  I got curious.  Read all the testimonials looked at the pictures and was rather pleased with what I saw.  So I continued to check out the website, postings on Facebook  and after a couple of months I decided to give it a try.  That was on December 26th 2012.  That day I purchased the PFD plan and also signed up for the BB challenge.  Today March 24th 12 weeks later I must say I am extremely happy with the results can I say ‘SHREDDED”!!!- I went from 20% to 12% body fat.  The plan was easy to follow and whenever I had any questions, Steve immediately responded.  Not only do you get your own personal plan, you also get an incredibly amazing and supportive team.  So if this is something you want, don’t procrastinate just do it! Steve Poynter is the trainer you want to have! "
Iris Perez-Walls

Iris Walls 12 Week Transformation

"They say that success follows experience, and that is definitely the case for Steve Poynter and; I'm the proof!  I contacted Steve on January 21, 2013 at an extremely unhappy 151lbs and was able to contact Steve yesterday, March 25, 2013 after my final photos at an extremely happy 122lbs! That's a 29 pound loss in 9 weeks, and it is just the beginning of my journey with this incredible man!  His meal plans and workout regimens are tough, but it's the best kind.  I would leave the gym everyday knowing that it was changing my body because, most of the time, I could barely walk out!  Steve wants to see his clients succeed, and he'll do what it takes to get you there - including maintaining open communication and quick responses.  Steve will give you all of the right tools to change your life and your body, but it's up to you to use them.
 I am so grateful to have been referred to Steve after trying to do it by myself for way too long.  I was a classic fit-to-fat story because I let my senior year of college, my first 6 months at a new job and years of eating disorders give me an excuse to eat my way up to an "obese" BMI, cellulite all over my body and an entirely bleak outlook of myself. Now, my body is my favorite project and Steve has given me every reason to believe that I can do this. Steve has helped me become a fit-to-fat-to-fit story, and I'm NEVER going back! When I "met" Steve, he said, "No excuses"...I haven't been able to find one, since!

Kasara McLaughlin

I have always considered myself an active/athletic person. I have played competitive sports for the better part of my life and have always been extremely competitive. I love pushing myself and my body but it seemed like no matter how hard I pushed and worked, my body was never as good as I wanted it to be. There was something missing in my training, some empty spaces that needed to be filled. That's when I contacted Steve Poynter with >From the first day to the last my body was pushed harder than ever before. The diet was strict, simple and precise but yielded amazing results. Everything was laid out for me and that's what I needed. Now my training is on point and my diet regimen is as well. All those gaps and spaces in my training have been filled and I now have the body I have always strived for. Thank you once again Steve Poynter and

Chase Napier

Through FitnessPoynters online training I lost 20% body fat in a year.  I followed the Psychotic Fat DestructionPlan.  I kept losing fat so my goals got more challenging. I have always wanted to do a bodybuilding competition so with Steve Poynter's help I and decided to do a NPC Bikini competition. While I leaned out for the show I noticed I had a lump in my breast.  I had it checked out after the show and found out I had Stage 2 breast cancer.  If I had not had FitnessPoynters to help me get lean I would have never found the tumor as quick as I did.  FitnessPoynters SAVED MY LIFE!  Steve Poynter is not only my trainer, he is a life saver and friend!!

Rebecca Kerr

I am 50 yrs old, I had been out of the sport of body building for 17yrs.  I came back in 2010 qualified to do a pro show and placed 5th at my first pro showing. In 2011 I placed 4th then I came across FitnessPoynters.  I purchase a 12 week competition package in 2012 with less than 11 weeks to go before show. I remembered Steve saying I may not have enough time but he took me on anyway. He put together one of the easiest to follow meal and workout plans that I had ever seen. Less than 11 weeks later with Steve’s expertise, I won my first pro show with the best look I had ever had. What else can I say, you know your sh%t!


I am so thankful to have had recommended to me by a friend who finished the PFD program. Steve is a top-notch coach and such an inspiration! I found Steve at a time when I had decided to make a change and make it BIG. I've always had problems sticking to a diet and exercise plan in the past, but this time it was different. I had blinders on and was determined not to fail.
The PFD plan is works so well because it is constantly changing and you never get bored with the same workouts. The meal plan was extremely easy to stick to and allows for several different meal choices. Every step of the way, Steve was there to answer all my questions no matter how many I had. I dedicated every ounce of motivation and determination to my transformation. After 12 weeks, I lost a total of 23.2 lbs, 11% bodyfat and 16.7 inches! I would not have been able to achieve this had it not been for Steve's help! I am now the smallest I've ever been...even smaller than before I was pregnant! This is definitely a lifestyle to stick with. I've been recommending Steve to all of my family and friends who have been inspired by my fitness journey! Thank you Steve for all that you do!

Michelle Otte

"I sit here in amazement that I finally took a first place finish!  I have enjoyed the day keeping watch on all the excited posts on Facebook from friends and followers and fellow competitors.  The excitement of the results is astounding and  the support is overwhelming and that is why I love the sport of Figure and bodybuilding!  I just competed in my third Figure competition in Nashville and took first place in Master's 35+ and fifth place in Open Figure Short class.  The competition was fierce and everyone looked amazing!  I was proud to be up there on stage with these women and young ladies in superior form.  I put the hard work in but without a great diet and effective workout program the results could have been much different.  I am thrilled to say Steve Poynter with Fitness Poynter's helped me achieve my goals.  I started with him thirteen weeks out and had great support from his awesome team members!  He designed a great plan that is easy to follow and scheduled weekly check-ins as I got closer to the show date.  Steve made himself available through Facebook, email and messaging and always gave a prompt reply.  It's important to me to know my coach is passionate about my progress and is there when I'm in a panic, no matter how trivial or trite.  Thanks Steve, for helping me win first place! "

Dana Currie May

" I have worked with Steve Poynter, of for a year and a half. My original goal in contacting Steve was to regain the more athletic physique I had in college while playing soccer. However, in the time I have worked with Steve this lifestyle has become something I grown quite passionate about. So much so, that recently I competed in my first Figure competition under the guidance of Steve.
As stated above, I have worked with Steve for approximately a year and a half. He has always set both my training and nutrition plan depending on what my goal was. I started out on a program to designed to gain lean mass, which I performed for about four months. I immediately began to see changes with my physique, and decided I would one day compete. I knew I had to be patient and consistent, and the results would come.
At this time I was started on Steve’s Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan. I wanted to get lean and see what my base was in order to see how far from the stage I was. At the end of the Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan my physique had changed dramatically and my bodyfat was at 11.7%, measured via BodPod. I was thrilled with my results but I knew that in order to compete, I would need to put more muscle on my frame.
I followed Steve’s Mass Program for fourteen weeks followed by another 12 week plan to get lean again. I was very pleased with the results from the mass program. I could certainly tell a huge difference in my physique from the first time I leaned out. My body had much better balance and symmetry, and I knew I wanted to step on stage later in the year.
At this time I was put on a program help build lagging body parts before my contest prep began. I performed this for several months leading up to my prep.
Steve planned my entire contest prep, both diet and training. Contest prep has been the most biggest physical and mental challenge I have faced to date, but it was well worth it. At the end of the twelve weeks, I was in the best condition of my life and ready to hit the stage. I placed third in both the Novice Figure categories and third in my class in Open Figure. The experience was amazing and I was ecstatic to place in my first competition. I plan on continuing to build my physique under Steve’s guidance and compete again next year, bringing an even better package to the stage.
Steve is very professional and is always available to answer any questions you may have. As a testament to Steve’s professionalism, he also competed in a bodybuilding competition that happened to be on the same day as mine. Contest prep is very demanding, not leaving you with much time but to focus on your competition. Even during his own prep, Steve’s approach and availability remained the same. He was always there to answer any of my questions and always updated my diet and training without missing a beat. I have always been impressed with Steve’s availability, but this took it to another level.
I highly recommend joining FitnessPoynters to anyone looking to not only change their physique, but to improve their health. The nutrition plans are easy to follow and prepare, and all of the training programs live up to their name and will get you the results you desire. No matter what your fitness goal is, Steve and FitnessPoynters will help you achieve it. You may want to get lean, add mass, focus on building lagging body parts, or even prep for a contest. With Steve’s assistance, you can and will achieve your goal."

Katie Durkin : Competitor Testimonial: Figure

I first heard of Steve through a friend I had watched go through a phenomenal transformation.  Ive always been pretty athletic, played soccer since I was 5 and have run distance races.  After graduating from grad school when I started working, I didn’t find as much time to dedicate to fitness as I used to and noticed I just didn’t look and feel like I used to.  Ive also always focused mostly on legs and cardio and never did much lifting for the upper body.  I finally decided I needed a change and decided to contact my friends trainer, Steve.  He completely changed how I look at weight lifting and diet.  He is amazing.  He’s always readily available to answer any questions and he will always update your program as needed.  Im amazed at how ive been able to develop my back and the rest of my upper body through his guidance.  Legs were always my favorite to train, but now I know how great it feels to have more balance and train the entire body.  As long as you are dedicated and have goals that you are striving for, Steve will be there to give you direction and encouragement.  You are not only signing up for assistance from Steve, everybody he trains is very supportive and I love the team vibe that I never thought Id experience in an online atmosphere.  After participating in his extreme fat destruction program, I now have aspirations of competing in figure next year.  In the meantime, I will continue to build and develop the look I want with his assistance and motivation.  I will continue to use Steve for my competition prep and highly recommend him to anybody thinking about making a change in their lifestyle for the better.  I am in the best shape of my life and owe that to him. Youre not just buying a fitness program, youre adopting a new lifestyle full of positive outcomes."
Nikki Morilak PT, DPT

After working out for much of my teenage years i still had little to no result to show for my efforts and it left me pretty frustrated. Luckily I came across fitness poynters, i contacted Steve and got my plans and started immediately. I just finished 12 weeks of extreme fat destruction and I couldnt be happier with the results, through the program i dropped unwanted fat and also gained strength and muscle in the process. [..] Fitness Poynters is the way to go for anyone who is serious about transforming their body, Steve will get you on the road to a new and better you, and i will continue to come to him for any fitness needs i have. Become a member of Team Poynter, you will get in the best shape of your life

Jimmy Meade

Found steve on, and after seeing the success that others achieved with his plans, I decided to give it my own shot. Nothing is more rewarding than achieving the goals you set for your self, and steve takes all the guess work out of doing just that. Steve provides the plan, when you commit and follow it you will be setting new goals you never thought possible. Steve's PFD allowed me to change my body significantly in just 12 weeks! Steve and is the yellow brick road to your fitness goals. I highly recommend steve and for any and all of your fitness goals.

Kori Mossoni

I purchased the Extreme Fat Destruction Plan. [..] What I loved about the plan was the fact that Steve lays everything out for you in terms of meals and workouts. There really is no gray area and if you are confused on anything, I can attest that Steve was always extremely prompt in his responses and willing to answer all of my questions no matter how trivial. I loved that the workouts switched up every two weeks. With that frequency, you do not have the opportunity to get bored or accustomed to the workouts.
In short, I highly, highly recommend any of Steve’s programs whether you are looking to make tremendous change or simply want a new outlook on your fitness. It goes without saying that I’m proud to be a Team Poynter member!!


At the end of my 12 weeks I lost 23 lbs of fat and gained lean muscle. I could not believe where I lost inches from; my waist went from a 35 to a 28, my thighs went from a 25 to 22. I even lost inches from my shoulders and calves !! I could not believe who I was seeing in the mirror.
For years I thought I would never look like this and have muscle. Now, I want to show them off every chance I get. Steven Poynter is the best trainer I ever had. He was always supportive and there for me.

Samantha Bondy

Prior to commencing my journey with fitnesspoynters, and Steves' workout routine and meal plan I was weighing in at 220 pounds and 16% body fat... 12 weeks later and 48 pounds less weighing in at 172 and 7% body fat as you can see the pictures and numbers speak for themselves.
I personally recommend fitnesspoynters to anybody that is wanting to make a change to give it a try, and Steve will help you reach your goals.
Brian Charry
Richmond, Kentucky
I've been training, off and on, for over 40 years. Yet, Steve managed to get me to look at things differently from the patterns I'd always known. He came up with different ways of using certain machines, different foci on movements, and to examine all the assumptions I'd made over the years.
For many years before my back surgery, I couldn't train heavy, because of increasing pain and limitation of motion. Once I'd had the surgery, I went a little crazy, and with the help of another trainer, got through my first show. I did reasonably well, having initially dropped 60 lbs. in six months, then building muscle, then cutting again for the show. In the process, though, I was doing way too much cardio, and was on a far too restricted diet, and came in looking both stringy and flat.
As I approached thinking about the contest I was planning to enter this year, I knew I wanted to do things differently, so I approached Steve for help. I'd been training at the Pit over a year, but had, while putting on mass, put on too much fat. Steve had the plan.
Carefully monitoring my diet, and changing my program every couple of weeks, the changes came thick and fast. The cuts began to appear, and the muscles took shape. I saw changes, it seemed, daily. As the weeks wound down, he helped me refine and change my form and focus, and brought me into the contest in better shape than ever before.
Steve took working with an Over-50 trainer with remarkable aplomb. He didn't let me make excuses for my age, and kept my form tight, and wouldn't let me "ego lift" weights I couldn't properly control. I'll be turning to him again as I build more muscle before the next contest, and definitely for the next contest prep.

Jim Davis

I have always been athletic and played college soccer, but really let myself get out of shape in the fall of 2010. I really wanted to transform my body into the more athletic and muscular form it had once been. I started reading as much as I could, and found that I really needed to get back into weight training and get my nutrition in order. I knew I needed professional help, and in the spring of 2011, I came across Steve's profile on
Steve put me on a starting program to get me back into weight training, and also set me up with a diet plan. Immediately I began to see changes and wanted more. At the beginning of the summer, I had my bodyfat tested via Bodpod, and I was at 20%. Then Steve put me on his Pyschotic Fat Destruction plan, which ran for 12 weeks. Every two weeks the workouts would change to shock my body, and I followed Steve's diet. By the end of Sept, I was very lean and had my bodyfat retested, and I was at 11.7%! I could not believe it, and I was beyond excited.
Although I was very lean, I knew I needed to add muscle to my base. At that time, Steve put me on a bulking program, again both workouts and diet. I bulked for 14 weeks, then followed that with a 12 wk cut. For the cut, Steve altered my workouts and diet every two weeks. The workouts were designed to preserve as much muscle as possible while cutting the fat. The diet was designed to slowly decrease and grind down from my bulking diet, but stilll ensuring I was getting adequate protein, carbs, and healthy fats. I am beyond happy with my results. There are many times when I look at pictures and I can't believe it is me.
Every single one of Steve's plans that I have been on has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life, and I owe that to Steve. Without him, I would still be spinning my wheels in the gym and not achieving the look I desired. Not only has Steve changed my physique, he has changed my life. I have become very passionate about this lifestyle and can't wait to see what the future holds. I will continue to work with Steve as I pursue my next goal, competing in Figure.
No matter what your goal is, Steve will help you accomplish it. He will set you up with amazing workouts and proper nutrition, and you will see results! I highly recommend Steve to anyone, whether you are just beginning or have specific goals. I am forever grateful to him, and I promise you will feel the same.

Katie Durkin Before becoming a competitor

Steve’s program is definitely first rate. There is nothing better than going into the gym equipped with the knowledge that what you’re getting ready to do is going to reap huge dividends for your body. I personally, cannot put a price on having a meal plan in my possession that ensures all of the hard work I put in while in the gym does not go to waste due to a poor diet. Steve’s plan made it easy to be successful in attaining my goals. Yeah, I put in hard work, but every rep, every exercise; every meal was designed to make sure that all of the hard work I put in helped me to progress towards becoming leaner and stronger. And if that isn’t enough, consider the fact that once you sign up, you immediately become a part of team Poynter and are given an instant support group of individuals who share knowledge, successes, and hurdles they encounter along the way of achieving their fitness goals. For me, this group was motivational and helped me to be accountable with my diet and exercise. Steve Poynter’s plans are top of the line and I would recommend them to anyone.

J.J. Lane

The best fitness advice I could ever give anyone is check out and purchase one of Steve's plans it's the best money you will ever spend I guarantee it!!
I started his plan at 178 pounds with 15-20% body fat and a 34.8inch waist(measured around the belly button) after 12 weeks I am 160 pounds with 8-12% body fat and a 31.5inch waist!! I also added .5 inches to my biceps which means I added muscle! I can't describe how thankful I am for Steve's help.

Dave Peterson

His meal and workout plans were extremely affordable. The workouts were challenging, sometimes grueling, but finishing a workout made it easier to mentally prepare for the next one. I can honestly say that being on the PFD I did not feel deprived from food in any way. Is it easy? NO! But it is so worth it!
Dedicate yourself, commit to yourself and your health, finish the plan and achieve something you can be proud of. I am not getting tired of the “Hey you look great!” “How much weight have you lost?” comments.

Adam Prata

You WILL get results and they WILL be amazing. You will love yourself in the end for sticking it out and making these changes that will serve you for the rest of your life. Setting and reaching my goals has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it’s also been the most rewarding, liberating, and emotionally loaded experience. I am glad I did it. You will be too, but you have to hunger for it: you have to want it with all your being. Steve Poynter can be the wheels on the train that is your life, giving you the knowledge and his expertise to help you reach your NOT so impossible goals. But you, YOU have to be the engine that drives this massive train!

Erin Banks

I've completed the PFD and I completely loved everything about it! PFD is one hellva workout and it will completely kick anyone's ass! I was sore after every workout, but I always looked forward to doing it again the next day. =) The food was excellent and I had no problem sticking with the diet.
[..] Looking how I look right now was something that was only in my dreams! You helped me make this happen! You have my deepest respect and appreciation!! Thank you so much!!

Cassandra Peterson

In just three month’s time, Steve’s program took my body from “making a positive change” to something I could have never physically imagined. The Psychotic Fat Destruction plan does exactly what the title says! This twelve week program is demanding & challenging, but most of all it is rewarding. The reward comes from knowing and seeing your body change in ways it has never done before, and working with someone “Steve” that knows what he is talking about and is truly about progress.
As a satisfied client and supporter of Team Poytner, I would highly recommend The Psychotic Fat Destruction plan to anyone that is serious about making a lifestyle change and seeing killer results!!!
Trey : 2011 $100,000 Challenge Winner
I competed in my first bikini show and took 1st place. Steve [..] worked a miracle and caused a huge transformation in my life. Overall I lost about 15lbs and my body fat went from 28% to 13.5%, beating my original goal of 19%. Steve, by far, has been one of the finest persons, (who I never met), to come into my life. He has helped shaped a new lifestyle for me and allowed me to achieve goals that were once a dream or seemed unattainable. He is extremely knowledgeable, most importantly patient and always had an answer for any question asked. I could NOT have done this without him.

Linda Moving

Just finished Steve Poynter's Psychotic Fat Destruction!! It was probably the best decision I have made in regards to my fitness. [..] One of the best features of the program is being able to interact with Steve. Even prior to paying for the program I asked Steve a million and one questions about different aspects of the program and certain concerns I had and he responded right away. The program itself is great because its catered to YOU and what YOU want to accomplish. Everything is broken down "barney style;" from what to eat, to when and how. Everything is laid out for you, all you have to do is take that initial step to make a change not only to your body, but to your lifestyle!!


It has been 4 months now and the changes I’ve been able to make with my body have been amazing. [..] it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made! [..] I am currently down 17 lbs from when I started 4 months ago. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but that was the goal: to shed body fat while holding onto solid, lean weight. [..] His programs are easy to follow(but hardcore), and the diet plans are simple and effective with most meals easily completed in minutes [..] It’s safe to say that I will continue to work with Steve and Fitness Poynters for a long time to come.

Derek Gore

When you see other programs and products it always says "results not typical." If you follow what Steve tells you to do Results ARE Typical! His plans are set up for you to make the changes you want. The only possible way you fail is by quitting on your own and once you become a member of Team Poynter quitting is NOT an option. I love where I am now, which is the first time in my life I can admit that...and it is all thanks to Steve and his program. Making this commitment not only changed me physically but changed me mentally and emotionally as well.

Mark James

Over the 12 week period I lost 18 pounds, lost 16 inches and gained a lot of confidence. People ask me how I did it so I tell them about Steve and his website and will continue to recommend his programs to anyone that needs help with their fitness goals. I know it was the best fitness related decision I have ever made. I plan to continue working with the Poynter team to keep meeting the goals I set for myself.


Steve is an amazing coach, he is as good as it gets in the fitness world! I really appriciate all his help, he is first class, cares about you, always responds all your questions the same day, etc.
I have been working out most of my life, but I have never been as cut, as I am today. Just make sure to follow his stuff to the T and don't be surprise with the results! Thanks to him, now I am more motivated than ever!


I always had the build of an athlete and worked out all my life but never got the results that I wanted. That is until I started the Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan!
Steve's customized workouts and meal plans are easy to follow and manageable, especially if you have a busy life style. After a couple of weeks, the fat just started melting off and people started noticing my rapid weight loss as well as my physique.
He motivated me when I craved foods and kept pushing me after when the intense workouts were kicking my butt. In 3 months I dropped 30 pounds and dropped my body fat 4%.

Cris Mendoza

So I got hooked up with Steve 8 weeks into a 16 week diet I was doing for a bodybuilding show. It was my first attempt at a show, and second time cutting down. I was lost and losing more muscle than I was fat. Things were bleak and I was second guessing my dedication and ability to perform. Steve not only knew what it takes to lose the fat and keep the size, but was willing to explain what my body was doing [..] and how to make it do what I wanted it to do. The diet he placed me on combined with his “non-human” workouts, not only started to peel off the fat and build back the muscle I had lost, but made me look like a different person in just 12 days. Every time I had a question, concern, or bridge to cross he was right there with the right answers and solutions. I placed 2nd for my first time on stage ever I owe ya Steve, I owe ya big time!

Heath Kershaw

After dealing with with health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fatty liver, I decided to make a 360 change with my health [..] As soon as I started the training and meal program that Steve made for me I saw results in just 2 weeks. I finally found a trainer that knew what it takes to help me reach my goals fast. I started to go down in waist size and started to see muscles that was trapped beneath the fat. The diet program was perfect!! This is something that anyone can do without a problem. The weight training program was great!! The key here is you wanting to make a change in your life and will power is everything. Ever since I joined with Team Poynter I feel awesome! No health issues and I look my best ever. I am 100% satisfied with my results and will continue to be part of Team Poynter for my future fitness goals.

Junior Gonzalez

I was 35 days away from competing for the 1st time in my life. Someone told about me about this guy named Steve Poynter who can help me with my training. I was skeptic at 1st but i thought "why not?" A day or so later, Steve contacted me & i explained to him how i was training to compete for the 1st time in a bodybuilding contest. He told me to sent him some pics of what my body looks like when i first wake up. As soon as he saw them he put together a workout & diet regimen that will help me even further with my training. [..] i lost fat & gained muscle. Thanks to Steve's diet & training regimen, I was able to place 1st in my heavyweight Novice division. Thanx for all yur help Steve. Good lookin out for me.


I discovered Steve on and decided to give his PFD program a try. [..] Within the first 4 weeks I had lost 8 lbs and gained a lot of strength. Over the next 8 weeks I continued to lose body fat while maintaining my weight. If you follow the workouts and meal plan, it's impossible not to get results! Steve responds to emails super fast and he'll keep working with you even when you're done with the program.


6 months ago I was in OK shape for an Accountant but I felt I was missing something and holding too much fat and water, nothing I did shifted it, mainly because I was eating/drinking ALL wrong. [..] one lunch break I discovered[..] Steve's Profile [..] I started the PDF plan. [..] All I have to say is I am continuing down this well lit path, and I gained the body of my dreams [..] and I feel Steve has become much more than some guy who gave me a plan, I truly regard him as a good friend, he has invested much of his time into making me feel/look amazing. I hope one day if I am in his neck of the woods I can meet him and shake his hand and thank him in person for all the help and motivation!

Chris Bennets

I decided to commit myself to his 12 week Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan. [..] I just completed my 12th week, and I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life! My results have been nothing short of amazing! I lost 11 pounds and a total of 17-1/2 inches! I am stronger, leaner, and more confident then I have ever been! Steve gave me the tools and guidance I needed to achieve the body of my dreams, and the confidence to know that I can follow through with my goals.

Jessica Northup

Within one week of working his program, all of my co-workers, friends and family asked me, ”what is it that your doing, it looks great!” My body has totally transformed and it’s truly amazing. I highly recommend his program to anyone, and am very grateful for his program and his expertise, which has allowed me to fulfill my fitness goals.
As with each goal that’s been fulfilled, I have set new goals. I plan on continuing to work with Steve Poynter and Team Poynter to fulfill these goals. This is only a beginning, and a great one…

Heather Zanola

I was 343 lbs diabetic already on 45 mg of Lantus twice a day & 75 mg of Humalog insulin 4 times a day with my blood sugar still in the 200s [..] 2 weeks after starting the plan I threw away ALL of my meds! This worked for me but having an RN for a wife, have heard how this was not the smartest thing Ive ever done. At least the part of not telling her I did it, just in case something happened. Now the BIG finish, not only do I no longer take or need any of those meds, to my Drs amazement, after a blood screen have no markers of ever needing any of them. after 16 weeks (4 weeks beginning exercises & 12 week PFD plan) I weight 280. Ive lost 63 lbs & a gained literally MANY more years of a healthy life.

Brian Balce

I followed his program and diet plan to a T. I went from 170 lbs to 198 lbs 7% body fat almost reaching my goal of breaking 200lbs at 6'3.
I can say that I'm living proof that his program works and I'm still using it ! Just train hard and eat right! I recommend this to anybody out there!
Steve is a pretty cool guy and easy to talk to . He'll help you get to where you need to be. No doubt about that!

Alex Whiley

I cant say enough good things about the PFD plan. Its one of those things where you see other peoples results but cant really believe that it is possible to change that much in 3 months. In the past I have always lived a some what active lifestyle making it a point to get to the gym and do "something."
That "something" was the apparent reason why in the past I have only seen minimal changes in my body and overall health. With the fitness and meal plan it gave me a proven way to make changes that I have been looking for. If your ready to finally take that next step and make a real change in your health then contact Steve today.


The goal I set for myself was to be lean and cut. I have been working out for the past 2 years but have yet to achieve my goal [..] After reading Steve's website I decided to purchase his Extreme Fat Destruction Plan. I was 193lbs. with more than 10% bodyfat. I began to notice results within a couple weeks. After 6 weeks I dropped 20 pounds, decreased bodyfat, and an increase in lean muscle mass. Twelve weeks later I'm 167Ibs and 7% bodyfat!
I owe it all to Steve and thanks to him I have reached my goals! Anyone looking to gain muscle mass and getting cut, I would highly recommend you contacting Steve.

Brandon Richardson

I have always been an athlete and enjoy pushing my body to it's limit. My wife originally contacted Steve and I joined to support her in her body transformation. When I signed up I had no idea what kind of workout and meal plan I would be receiving. Now, just 12 short weeks later, I have seen AMAZING results.
I never expected to go from 13% body fat to less than 9% body fat while making lean mass gains. The program was more than I ever expected. With the program everything is explained down to the last rep, set and meal plan. The program couldn't be more simple to understand. Hard work and this program made my transformation possible.

Ryan Davis

I filled out my questionnaire for Steve and almost within one day he had sent me a plan diet, as well as the training and explained what he wanted to do in detail. Steve during this whole twelve week cycle has answered any and all questions quickly and effectively.
I have gone up considerably on every single lift in weight my body has gained a considerable amount of muscle as well as the depletion of bodyfat during the twelve weeks we worked together.

Brian Desposito

I was 180 pds before I started one of his plans and ended up at 162 in just 2 MONTHS.
Most important, I felt great, I looked great and I now knew I could have more. Now I feel like I can compete and I owe it all to Steve.
I have recommended Steve to a lot of people who have asked me about my progress. It’s SO worth it, now stop hesitating and get the ball rolling!


In 2006 I topped the scale at 156 pounds on a 5’2” frame. [..] I was able to lose 20 pounds. But boredom with my workouts, missed meals [..] resulted in a significant plateau.
When I saw the results a friend achieved after doing the Psychotic Fat Deduction plan, I had to try it. My results were fantastic. I am leaner, stronger [..] The meal plan was easy to follow and the workouts were never boring. Steve was there every step of the way and never hesitated to answer any of my questions.

Tracy Kidd

My name is Jason Larson and [..] I am the Director of Player Development for the University of Utah Men's Basketball Team.
Unfortunately [..] while I was developing basketball players I was simultaneously neglecting myself. [..] I was 230lbs. at 5'10" when the team nicknamed me J.Large.
[Steve's ] Psychotic Fat Destruction program worked and I could see changes week by week. At the end of every two weeks I looked forward to seeing what he had in store for me next. I am now 200lbs and I feel so much better. A couple players on the team have actually started to call me J.Cut now! I couldn't have done it without the help of Steve and his program.
Jason Larson
I have always enjoyed working out and exercising but as I have gotten older, I noticed that the results I wanted were not coming anymore. I knew I needed help.
After checking out I found Steve Poynter's website and became interested. Within 2 weeks of his program, I was already dropping inches.
Having a specific meal plan and training program custom tailored for me by Steve has given me amazing energy, motivation, and results I never had, doing it on my own.
I plan to continue on with fitnesspoynters and am excited for further transformation!

Jessica Wirthlin

My weight loss had stagnated and I wasn’t sure what to do [..] I ended up going with Steve's Psychotic Fat Destruction program.
I have watched my weight on the scale stay pretty much level, but my fat loss has been tremendous. My body fat percentage has already dropped at least 6%. So by staying the same on the scale I have not only lost body fat but have had the pleasure of adding muscle. I had heard repeatedly that you can’t ever put muscle on as you try to lose fat. I’m here to say that isn’t exactly true.
Just give Steve a chance to show you the way!

Mykel Wentz

I couldn't be happier with the results that I got from the 12 weeks on Steve's Extreme Fat Destruction plan. Before I began I had no idea about what to eat and what to do for workouts.
Steve designed a plan that was not only easy to follow,but it proved to give great results. It took hard work and dedication, but thanks to Steve's program I was able to achieve the goals that I had in mind. Now I feel much more fit, energetic, and confident.

Katelin Invernizzi

After having my daughter in Dec 2010, I was ready to lose the weight that I had gained during my pregnancy and even before I got pregnant. I dieted for a whole year after I had my daughter, trying weight watchers, watching what I was eating... you name it, I tried it. By the time I found , I was desperate and was willing to try anything. I figured that I didn't have much to lose, and everything to gain if this worked. I purchased the PFD program in late Feb of 2012 and by mid May 2012, I had dropped 22lbs and 12% body fat. I didn't have a problem with the meal plan and I actually felt better after a couple weeks of clean eating. The PFD workout was challenging but in a good way, the workouts made me feel strong. The plan was easy to follow, and if I did have a question Steve got back to me very quickly. The PFD program exceeded my expectations and I am now in the best shape of my life all thanks to !!!

Liz Hadderman

I can't say enough great things about Steve. I have recently successfully completed my first 8 weeks, I dropped 15 lbs of pure Body fat while gaining 10 lbs lean mass.... YES 10 lbs lean while cutting!!! Insane results I tell you!
Stop procrastinating, and start sweating! Steve P will take you where you want to go! If you aren't willing to be trained by the best, than don't expect the best results! I've been doing this for 12 years, and work for the most badass supplement company on the block, and I still knew if I wanted the best body.... I'd have to call up the best man for the job, Steve Poynter!

Mike Ulisse

For most of my life I have been overweight and struggled with dieting and exercising.  A year ago my wife said she wanted to have a child so I decided to change my ways and started my transformation at first it was just to loose weight. I found and Steve & asked some questions which he answered them that same day. I did what he said and I got results. Then it became more, he became my friend and trainer and the rest is history. I am now 42 years old rocking a 6 pack, I'm in the best shape of my life and I owe it to Steve.

John Maldanaldo

I just finished a 14 week transformation with Steve and in that 14 week time frame I dropped my bodyfat percentage over 11% .. It went from 24.6% on January 2nd 2009, down to 13.4% on May 5th !

Heather Rawlins

I started my fitness journey at about 70 pounds overweight, living a very unhealthy lifestly and really not knowing who I was. Working with Steve and Fitnesspoynters I was able to completely transform my body and mind and now, 4 years later I am still living this lifestyle and helping others start their journey as well. I recently competed in my first figure competition at the 2012 Tricky Jackson Classic placing first in my class.
Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the training and guidance I’ve received from Steve.
I will continue to come to him for all of my fitness needs and also recommend him to anyone I know seeking to transform their body.

Charlotte Quillen

Using his program I have dropped 19.6 lbs of fat, while gaining lean muscle, with a 8% drop in body fat from 24% to 16.2%. I started at 180 and am now a lean mean 160!
There is no other person I would recommend except Steve for all your weight training and body fat loss information needs.

Jeff Gabrielse

I was stuck in the 180 range after losing nearly 50 pounds. I found BB website and soon thereafter met Steve78. He sent me my meal plans and my workouts.
I have never challenged myself to this degree before. I never knew I could work out with that level of intensity, a million questions, texts and emails later and I have made my way to 158 pounds!!!

Traviesa Carmen Haber

So, about 1 year ago I decided I needed to do something about being fat! I knew I was overweight before this point, but I guess I had just given into the fact that I was just lazy and it was no big deal. I blamed my laziness on my health issues that had been going on for the last 5 years. It was just easier and I was already depressed, so I guess I just didn’t want to feel worse about myself than I already did. At this point I was taking over 18 different medications; some of them were pretty scary! My body couldn’t regulate my temperature, I was always freezing in the winter, even when the heat was at 80 degrees, and roasting in the summer with the air on 68 degrees. I didn’t go outside…ever. I hated going anywhere and couldn’t go outside to play with my kids. I had given up and really didn’t care anymore. My husband started taking my youngest to the sitter, almost daily, because I physically couldn’t get out of bed until noon or later. I couldn’t keep up with the house at all and honestly didn’t try…I figured I wouldn’t get much done so why try? My husband and I fought almost constantly and the stress played hell on the way I already felt, making the situation worse.
So this is the back story to my new journey to be happier and more fit than ever! I started my journey at 295ish pounds and being a size 24, well kind of…I had moved to stretchy pants, they didn’t exactly care what size I was. I had even convinced myself that it was okay, they were comfortable. I also wore mostly 2XL t-shirts, they covered a lot and didn’t cling. I didn’t let people take pictures of me and you would have never seen me in shorts or a tank top. I was ashamed that I had let myself go but not enough that I wanted to change, definitely not if it meant that I had to get off my ass or quit eating fast food and Twinkies. My marriage was going downhill fast! I was sure we were about to get divorced. I was scared to be alone but more afraid to lose the love of my life. I was screwing up everything and I needed to do something ASAP! No, he isn’t perfect either, but we are not talking about him right now.
The day I realized how bad things had gotten was one day when I was trying to teach my older daughter how to do a cartwheel. Thinking, “I have been doing this since I was a small kid”, my legs should go right over and look awesome like it did 2 years ago…you know, the last time I did it, right? Wrong in a BIG way! I tried doing a cartwheel and landed on my back without ever really getting my ass in the air and definitely not getting my legs straight. My fat ass had just embarrassed myself and I felt like crap. How had I let myself get this out of shape?
So now you’re asking, “where is this going and what are you going to do about it?”  Well, my kids wanted to play soccer at our local YMCA. I applied for a membership to get the fee cheaper and so maybe I could take the girls swimming. We were all really excited about the membership and we started swimming 5 plus days a week. I enjoyed swimming and found it easy and I very much enjoyed doing something with my girls again.
After about a month, soccer started for the girls. I would drop them off at practice and have nothing to do for 1.5 hours, so I started going to the gym. I would mostly use the treadmill and recumbent bike and it felt good…I was doing something. I spent more time resting and drinking water at first then I did actually exercising. At this point I was only exercising 1 day a week and not really losing any weight. I started going 6 days a week and in 6 months I lost 79 pounds doing mostly cardio and kind of watching my diet. I was down to a size 18 and happy. I was so happy with the weight loss, but was I any healthier? I had quit taking all of my prescription medications, except pain pills, which at this point I was able to reduce the strength and amount.
I found out one day (by accident) just how much better I was doing when I missed a day at the gym because of family activities. My husband mentioned that we should go for a hike. I was up for it but a little scared, “what if I got too far from home and couldn’t walk back?” At the gym I would just hit the stop button and sit down but you can’t do that in the real world. So, a little worried, we started out for our walk up the big hill behind our house that I couldn’t even make up a year ago but I was ahead of everyone and not even out of breath. I was so excited and knew at that point I could do it and it would be okay. We continued on our 2 mile walk over many terrains and about half way into our hike my younger daughter got tired and asked me to carry her. I was worried, but if you ever met my baby girl you would know you just cant say “no” to those big brown eyes. So, without a second thought, I lifted her onto my back and we continued to walk. I was so afraid I was going to get worn out too quickly and not make it home, but to my surprise it was easy and I made it another quarter of a mile of hilly terrain with her on my back.  This is when I realized I was doing better and was getting close to being the “me” I remembered.
After our hike I decided that maybe I should do more weights if carrying 45 lbs of toddler on my back wasn’t bad. I figured, how bad could lifting be? So the next day I started lifting and the stats looked something like this: bench – 45 lbs (or just the bar), assisted pull ups - negative 190 lbs, ab coaster (with no added weight), 50 sit ups, 200 lb leg press, squats,  and 2 rounds of circuit equipment. I found that this wasn’t too bad and continued with this plan for a month losing another pant size. I also found that I really loved doing the weights and added dumbbell exercises, cable exercises, deadlifts, weighted squats, more barbell presses and much more weight. I started using more and more weight and getting stronger and stronger. I loved lifting and I felt I was good at it and started to get anxious if I didn’t go…I was hooked! 
After 3 months of not making very much progress on my own I contacted Steve Poynter and purchased the Extreme Fat Destruction package. I had signed up for the and was sure I couldn’t do it on my own. I had amazing results with my plan and I am down to a size 12 and 200 lbs. I had some major health issues arise along the way. Every month for about 3 days I couldn’t eat anything solid because of having my braces wire changed; Steve always helped me figure out the best things to eat so I could keep up with my plan.
About a month after starting I fell off a ladder from 8 feet hurting both my knee and wrist. I knew I could push through with the wrist but not so with the knee. So, again I messaged Steve and with his advice I started swimming. I was making gains and so didn’t want to give up. During the rest of my plan I was dealing with a flair up of my mixed connective tissue disease most likely caused by the injury. When this happens I get extremely sore with joint pain but again I pushed through (my doc was okay with me continuing my routine).
Then, at the beginning of the 3rd month I found out that I had a patella tracking disorder and torn meniscus in my right knee caused by the earlier fall. Again, I was not allowed to use my legs for anything but walking. Back to swimming and water resistance training along with all the upper body lifting I was allowed to do.
I am also a student, mother of 2, wife am helping my mother who was diagnosed with bone cancer during my plan with Steve and making time to visit my grandma who is in ICU with terminal cancer. Through all of this I have kept up with the gym and my eating plan. Having Steve and the team to turn to when things were rough was so nice. I can’t wait to see what is in store for my next plan.
JDominique Burn J

I just finished the 12 week Online Transformation Challenge. With Steve’s help I went from 151.5 lbs. (January 13th 2014) to 132 lbs. (April 5th 2014) and started at 30.65% body fat down to 20.94% body fat. During the 12 weeks I lost almost 10 inches off my waist, which is AMAZING!
With my husband being a personal trainer asking for Steve’s help was not an easy decision for me, but I am so glad I did. I needed to hear the advice from someone else.
Steve gave me specific meal plans and training programs to follow. My e-mails were answered in a very timely manner, which was not an easy task with all my questions I had along the way.
Thanks Steve for all your help!
Angela Rodgers

Steve has not only been a trainer, but a mentor and has shown me how to achieve the lifestyle that I was unable to understand.  Steve has been a critical aspect of my life now for a couple years and as a result I now live an active lifestyle that enables me to stay fit and feel great about myself. Steve is not only a phenomenal trainer, but is someone who is there to push you past your comfort zone and actual cares about you succeeding. Training with Steve can be difficult for some as he is up front and is very passionate about fitness. I would encourage anyone at any age and at any weight to seek Steve for training.  Steve makes this his life; he is on point with working with not only individuals, but with couples like me and my wife. His expertise and passion create a relationship many think is impossible via online training. Steve has been and will continue to be a person who I continue to learn from and has my most grateful appreciation. My 12 week transformation took me from 191lbs down to 165lbs, dropping my body fat by 8% and allowing me to be the most in shape I have ever been. Coming from someone who deployed three times to Iraq, I would recommend Steve over any other trainer. I thank Steve for changing my life in many ways!

Shawn Baublitz

Steve has helped me get back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Doing his program ignited the passion for health and fitness that I once had.  I could not thank him and the Team Poynter family enough for what they have done for me. 
I have always loved fitness and was very active; however, after I got married I gained 30lbs and I knew something had to change.  I was tired of not putting myself first and using my body as if it were a trash can.  I honestly hated what I saw in the mirror!!! I was so embarrassed that I, who was an active person and loved the gym, had let myself go.  Therefore, I contacted Steve and did a 12 week transformation challenge, which challenged me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   With Steve’s workouts, my body was constantly guessing and never plateaued. In addition, the meal plan was easy to follow and allowed me to stay on point! The end result was I lost 24lbs, lost 11% body fat, and gained lean muscle mass!!!
I would challenge anybody that wants to be healthy, look good, and be happy with themselves to try Steve’s plan.  It WILL change your life!
For me, this is just the start to an amazing journey!


In May 2013, I was in the best shape of my life.  Active and eating healthy.  Then I went to culinary school and my eating was not so clean.  At the same time, I met my boyfriend.  We both enjoy beer and food so we would often go out and eat some not so healthy foods and drink beer.  All of these things made me go back to being very badly out of shape.  By January I said to myself that I had to do something.  Around that time, I had seen some things about Steve Poynter through social media.  I then went on to and read some testimonials and  info on Steve and right away I knew he would change my life.

I signed up for the Psychotic Fat Destruction program and the results have been amazing!  In 12 weeks I lost 12lbs and 4 inches off my waist.  I have also built lean muscle and I have abs now!  The meal plan is also great because you have different options for your meals  Steve has been amazing with coaching me.  He ALWAYS answers all of my emails and is there to give me advice and encouragement when I need it.  You won’t find any other online fitness coach like him.  I am so satisfied with the results that I am continuing to work with Steve to achieve even greater results.  That’s something that you don’t see often with meal plans.

I knew Poynter Fitness would change my life, and it has!  If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, look no further!!! 

















































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