Mass Construction Workout

Time to Get Swole!

The training plan won’t do much if you don’t eat for gains.

Believe me when I say this, I had to learn it the hard way.
Food intake is Key to Gains!

I can set you up on 4-5 days of training, it will be set up based on goals and info I receive from you in your Questionnaire in which you get after purchase.

You will be lifting heavy, training could be high volume, it may be low volume but regardless, we will lift for size!
All programs are set up so that you know how many reps, sets and how much rest time to take between sets.


The workout is for all out Mass, please do not expect many cuts to appear with this workout. It is for the most part, low repped and heavy lifts are required. The heavier you lift, the greater the mass you will add. You will be required to lift at least 4 days per week with a max of 5 days.

All emails will be answered prior, during or after plan is purchased. There is no limit on the amount of emails I will accept from you.