Mass Construction Meal Plan

Time to Get Huge!

Your meal plan!
I tell you What, When & How much food to consume to get bigger.

I’ll gather info in a questionanire upon signing up and that is how I will decide where phase 1 begins.
It may be a little food, it may be a lot.. There’s a lot of variables to consider at phase 1.

At each update, we will take your food intake up, I’ll decide how much to take it up based on feedback from questions I give at those updates.

I will do whatever I can to help you succeed, gaining size isn’t easy for most but we Will make it happen in time!!


The Meal Plan is designed to do what it says: Give you all out mass gains. Do not expect any cuts to appear if you follow this

meal plan. I have you eating a lot and often. You will take in high proteins, high carbs and nice healthy fats. I tell you what to eat, when to eat and how much you need to eat to cause the gains to come to you.

All emails will be answered prior, during or after plan is purchased. There is no limit on the amount of emails I will accept from you.