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      The Forum is open to all Members, each member is free to post up anything desired inside the training logs or any other part of the site where applicable. The rules are simple! There should be no vulgar language or your membership will be revoked. No bashing of any other member for any reason at all, shall someone bash you, report it before bashing that person. The person will have their membership revoked. We encourage members to use the training logs, nutritional logs and everything else you have access to. We are open to critiquing form through video or answering any question you may have in regards to anything listed on site. It is our mission to help you better yourself & or gain more knowledge as we will continue to put up new content weekly. We are always open to ideas on the site as well, so feel free to let us know. Periodically we will hold Contests, these contests will range from Supplements, Fitmark Bag giveaways and potentially Money in some instances. We hope you enjoy your experience on this part of the site and again, if you have questions or ideas, please let us know. Enjoy Steve Poynter CEO:
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