Extreme Fat Destruction

Extreme Fat Destruction is one of the most popular plans at FitnessPoynters.com!


This plan comes with a combination of a meal plan and workout:

Program Length: 12-16+ weeks


This is our most popular plan for Fat Loss and Lean Mass Gains. This plan is customized to fit you and your goals. I will design the program based on several questions I will have you for you inside a questionnaire in which you receive after purchase.


I can design this workout in many ways, from lean muscle mass gains and fat loss to fat loss only. As previously mentioned, I will draw up the workout and meal plan based on the information you return to me in your questionnaire .














You are purchasing a meal plan customized to help you meet your goals. The meal plan is one meal plan telling you what , when and how much to eat, the times you need to eat, the duration between meals as well as what to ingest post workout and before bed. You will need to be able to consume a numerous amount of meals per day, as this is how you speed up your metabolism and cause the fat burning to take place.

We generally do a High Carb/ Low carb rotation but on occasion we will allow a cheat meal Saturday over a high carb day but only when I find this could be beneficial to the person.

I will count your macros up for you but I will not say it’s okay to sub in foods that I do not have listed in your meals.


The workout is anywhere from 4-6 days training, depending on your goals and availability to workout with weight. I tell you what body part to work, how many sets, reps, rest time as well as ab work and if I see you need to do cardio, that will be added in on certain days of the week.

Please note that Cardio isn’t our staple program to help you hit your goals, weight lifting is the most beneficial tool to cutting body fat. It’s been proven that you burn way more calories weight training than you do while only doing cardio. When you combine the 2( if needed) , the results can be simply amazing.


Never worked out with weight before? No problem, I can start you out on a really light workout program, send you pictures showing you how to do each move on the workout, I can also lead you to videos showing you how to do each move. I put you on that from 4-6 weeks or until you feel confident enough to go onto a more intense workout program.


Please be available to train a minimum of 4 days per week with resistance.

Please note that your questionnaire will be emailed to you around 10pm est the date of purchase. If you use hotmail , aol or yahoo, please add steve@fitnesspoynters.com to your contacts list to avoid the questionnaire being sent to spam.


$159.00 is your initial rate , every 4 weeks a $20 fee will be needed in order to update your program. The update will include Meal alterations, cardio alterations and possible workout alterations. Workouts will not be altered as much as the meal program.

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