Extreme Fat Destruction: Home Edition

Extreme Fat Destruction: Home Edition: This is our newest Program we offer.

This plan comes with a combination of a meal plan and workout:


This plan is for your use inside your home, it’s for those who do not have access to a gym for more than 4 days per week. It’s designed for parents or caregivers who have no way to find someone to watch their child or dependent member while they workout . It’s for anyone that just doesn’t want to go to a gym due to several reasons.


Your workouts will be created based on several things we ask you inside a questionnaire in which you will receive on the same day as purchase. We normally send those out around 10pm est. Each night. We ask you 15 questions pertaining to workouts, what equipment you have( if any), how you currently eat, sleep etc. We ask for lots of detail so we can create the best plan for you based on your goals etc.


Your meals will be based on several things , we’ll ask you a series of questions inside your questionnaire pertaining to eating as well. After we collect the info from you , we’ll create your meal plan in the best way possible to help you reach your goals. Eating is what brings you 80% of your progress, so it will be crucial to follow your meals for optimal results.


To sum this package up, it’s for anyone looking to change their life through fitness and needs to do so in the privacy of their own home.













This is a program based on any length of time you wish to run it, if you update me on progress every 4 weeks, I can try to alter things around for you around the 10 week mark for a small charge. I’ll do all I can to help keep you on track and motivated to get the job done.


All emails will be answered prior, during, or after plan is purchased. There is no limit on the number of emails I will accept from you.


Please note that your questionnaire will be emailed to you around 10pm est the date of purchase. If you use hotmail , aol or yahoo, please add steve@fitnesspoynters.com to your contacts list to avoid the questionnaire being sent to spam.

This is a one time payment, no further fees will be asked of you during the duration of your program.


$135.00 to start the program & $25 per month after the 1st month.

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