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Competition (Show) Prep
Mens Bodybuilding, Women’s & Mens Physique, Figure, Fitness & Bikini Challenge Training

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The $250,000 challenge is open for registration. I would love to assist you in your transformation for the shot to win the Grand Prize. I trained the winners in 2011 plus had a runner up in 2012 & 2013.

I treat the challenge program just as I do the Competition Prep package, we ask you for updates every 13-15 days and with those updates, current progress pics are due but you must also post progress pics on because the more you post showing change, the higher chance you have of winning, they really like you to be active on site during the 12 weeks.

Meals are altered at almost every update , as long as I can see changes by you, your cardio may be altered as well and workouts will be altered as I see needed but not nearly as often as your meals and cardio.

This is a little info on how we do things with the challenge, if you would like more details, please go read over the Competition Prep or simply email me for more info. Pricing: * Not Currently Available

Competition (Show) Prep

Our Competition Prep plans are 12-18 week prep packages. We will train anyone looking to compete in any category.

Pics must be submitted before we start the process. I must see how you look in order to determine the time frame needed for your prep. You must update me as I suggest, every update, pics have to be included. You have to be responsible for a posing coach or learning to pose. I will not work with someone who isn’t willing to put in the work required for posing, as posing is a huge part of your scoring system on stage.
For those not willing to follow the above, it’s in your best interest to forgo joining our team. We are about 100% commitment, and consistency from day 1 until the day of your show.
This package qualifies for a personal payment plan option: Contact me for details

If you are positive you desire to compete some day and you do not have a show date in mind, please contact me before you buy a lean mass gains program.
What I do is offer you the contest prep package now,, that way you do not need to buy a program now and the Contest Prep later.
I will work with a person from the current time all the way to the show date, even if this means you may not have a desire to compete for a full year.
We start now, we get you going toward your goals of competing, we go for updates every 4th week up until you are 16 weeks out , then we determine a true time to go with the hardcore show prep.

This makes it better for us both, I get to watch you change and have control over setting you up on new things as I see needed and this saves you money in the long run.

 The System:
We start you off at 12-18 weeks out from the show date you choose, this decision is based on us seeing current pics of the individual that is taken upon waking. This is your leanest point of the day.    We will require to see progress pics every 11-17 days throughout the prep. When you hit 7 weeks out, we may require pics to be submitted every 7 days or so.   We will change your workouts , cardio & your meals based on how you are progressing. We may do high carb, low carb or high fat , very little carbs & we may through in a cheat meal from time to time in order to give your body a nice boost both mentally as well as physically due to how it can really spike ones metabolism after eating strict for so long.

*I will tell you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. I will tell you how to train, what to train, how many sets, reps, rest time , ab work, cardio work etc. As stated, all this will change as you change.  The final week, you will be told how to carb deplete, carb load, water cut, etc.  We will start to communicate through text messages the final 2 days, I will need to see how you look upon waking the day of the show, that’s how I will determine how you need to eat prior to pre judging. After pre judging, I will need to be contacted to see how you were called out.  After knowing that, I will tell you how you will need to eat the remainder of the day, up until finals.

I will do everything in my power to help you win the show, the only thing I can’t do is tell you how to pose, you will need to have a posing coach at some point.  If you can’t afford one , I will tell you what DVD’s to order online to teach you how to pose, as this is a major scoring factor at shows. We do have a private facebook page for competitors where we have several National Level competitors in there that do not mind critiquing your posing and giving you some points. Some also offer Skype sessions for posing practice.
I will also Skype with you if needed to help you where I can on posing.


So there you have it, if you are ready to rock the stage or win a competition online, this is the way to do it.


As you will see , we have took several to competitions, we have helped them place extremely high and as you can see, I have trained someone for women’s Physique that turned pro at the 2012 National Show in Atlanta. I have trained a figure competitor and gotten her to the point where she can compete at Nationals.
We have helped a couple with $100,000 with an online transformation challenge via


Please be aware that show prepping is not easy, it is not for the weak , you have to have a strong mental approach more than anything else. Things get really rough on you as you lean up, as mentioned, it’s more mental than anything, we can all overcome the physical part of the prep but the mental aspect of it with the cravings of foods etc takes a toll on you but on the other hand, you are after a goal, a dream, so you can make this happen. It’s you versus you and deep down you know you will overcome and you will step on that stage and own it.

Package Pricing:

There is a $300 start up Fee which gets you going for the 1st Month(We can discuss partial payment which will be 60% of $300 to begin, after that, it's $40 per month.







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