Bulking & 110% Mass Building

The Mass Construction package is for individuals looking to pack on all kinds of size, this would be muscle mass but when you bulk, you also put on some fat so this is what we call dirty bulking.

If you want this sort of size, then this is the correct program.

You will lift heavy and eat big, you will need eat eat often and when you eat, it will be lots of food.

You will have your outline for your workouts plus your eating program.



If you are looking to put on lean mass gains and no fat gains or you are looking to just put on clean body mass in the form of muscle, you DO NOT want this program, you will need the Extreme Fat Destruction , that program is one that everyone gains lean mass on and cuts fat. If you don't want to really cut fat, I can draw the meals up for lean gains only with little to no fat gain


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